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City Cruises offers an extensive range of sightseeing, entertainment and charter services. Our sightseeing service offers of a hop on, hop off facility between the four major destination piers along the Thames. The London Showboat is a popular evening dinner cruise for couples and groups alike, and for charter we have a fleet of boats including permanently moored Restaurant Ship Hispaniola.

City Cruises Plc ofrece tours y actividades para las siguientes atracciones:

Somerset House, Aguja de Cleopatra, Tower Bridge, Southbank Centre, Palacio de Westminster, Puente del Milenio, Tate Modern, South Bank, Greenwich, Cutty Sark, Westminster Pier, Río Támesis, Mercado de Borough, Río Támesis, The Shard, Parque Olímpico Reina Isabel, Tate Modern, Río Támesis, Palacio de Westminster, Río Támesis, Westminster Pier, Palacio de Westminster, Río Támesis, West End, Canary Wharf, Isla de Brownsea, Isla de Brownsea, Río Támesis, Torre de Londres, Greenwich, Tower Bridge, Río Támesis

City Cruises Plc ofrece tours y actividades en las siguientes ciudades:

Londres, Londres, Londres, Londres, Londres, Poole, Swanage, Poole, Bournemouth, Londres, Poole, Londres, Londres

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