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City Connections 46 opiniones

Uncle Sam’s New York offers daily New York City walking tours, pub crawls, and night club tours that immerses travelers in the history, culture, and glamour that make New York City the world’s greatest city. On our tours, New York City’s best tour guides will provide you a social experience allowing you to interact with the guide, the new people on the tour and the environs around you. We at Uncle Sam’s New York, we believe that a tour should become a bonding experience for friends, families, and strangers alike ‐ thrown together in an intimate look at the city. Whether you are traveling alone or with a large group, our tours offer you a chance to meet new people from across the world and go home with a story.

City Connections ofrece tours y actividades para las siguientes atracciones:

Chelsea, Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, Manhattan, 9/11 Museum, Capilla de San Pablo, 9/11 Memorial, Distrito Financiero, Manhattan, Bajo Manhattan, Manhattan, Wall Street, iglesia de la Trinidad, Nueva York, Battery Park, Federal Hall, Taberna Fraunces, Bolsa de Nueva York, Castle Clinton, Canyon of Heroes, Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park, Stonewall Inn, Universidad de Nueva York, Cafe Wha?, Broadway, New Amsterdam Theater, Winter Garden Theater, Nueva York, Majestic Theatre, Times Square, Calle 42, Times Square, Hell's Kitchen, Nueva York

City Connections ofrece tours y actividades en las siguientes ciudades:

Nueva York, Nueva York, Nueva York, Nueva York, Nueva York, Nueva York, Nueva York

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