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The Taj Mahal's Top 5 Architectural Features

One of the world's largest mausoleums, the Taj Mahal was completed in 1643 under Shah Jahan, who commissioned it in memory of his most beloved wife who died in childbirth. So what are the top architectural features you should watch out for?

Onion Dome

Perhaps the most distinguishing part of the Taj Mahal, this massive feature crowning the building is popular not only in Islamic architecture but also Russian Orthodox.


The Taj Mahal is flanked by four tall minarets. In recent years, the Indian Archeological Society has expressed concern at the fact that they are beginning to tilt slightly!


The iwans are the pointed arches at the sides. If you take a closer look, you'll see they are decorated with intricate Koranic calligraphy.

Wall Carvings

The awesome tessellating patterns and sweeping geometry covering the inner walls of the Taj Mahal are proof of the confluence of science and art.

Makrana White Marble

The Taj Mahal's white marble changes color with the time of day. Pastel pink or blue, dazzling white - if you spend the whole day there, you will experience the whole spectrum.

Taj Mahal: Our Tips

Dress code

Please remember that the Taj Mahal is an Islamic building. Although no specific dress code is enforced, it's best to dress modestly out of respect - this means covering knees and shoulders.

Early arrival

If you want to avoid the lines, it's best to arrive at the Taj Mahal at the crack of dawn. If you're not a morning lark, don't worry - this is one of the most beautiful times of day to view the monument and its gardens.


Lockers are available, but please note that your bag is likely to be searched - no food is allowed to be brought into the Taj Mahal.


Although you might be stopping at the Taj Mahal via New Delhi, the nearby city of Agra is worth a visit, too. It's easy to combine your Taj Mahal trip with a tour to Akhbar's fort and the ghost town of Fatehpur Sikri.

Good to Know

  • When to visit
    Open from sunrise to sunset daily, closed on Fridays.
  • What is the price?
    Adult tickets start at just Rs710 (about $11) but go up once you add in tour packages and transportation.
  • Will I need a guide?
    The Taj Mahal is one place where a guide will enhance your experience ten-fold. Look at a few different options in order to find the experience that works best for your group.
  • How to get there
    Check trains departing from Agra for the easiest route.
  • Additional tips
    • Ticket prices vary for domestic versus foreign visitors, but children under 15 are always free.
    • Tickets can be purchased at the Western and Southern gates, and about 750 meters from the Eastern gate.

What People Are Saying About Taj Mahal

Anan is a spectacular guide. Anyone would be lucky to have him!

The tour started off rough. We booked a sunrise tour, but we did not arrive until much after sunrise. This has been addressed with the company, so I won't focus on that. I will focus on our guide Anan. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and overall just a lovely person to be around. If it wasn't for him, I'm not sure I would've been able to get past the frustrations at the start of the tour. We loved hearing everything he had told us because he was engaging and clearly passionate about the material. Our driver DK was also very helpful and efficient, and we enjoyed having him. I hope that whoever creates the descriptions/pictures for this tour will be honest from now on and make it clear that you do not arrive for sunrise. It needs to just say you get there early. Also, we were taken to a gift store that was not part of our itinerary, and we weren't even told about it. We literally just drove up and didn't know what was happening. To conclude, we loved Anan and would recommend him.

Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi Reviewed by John, 06/12/2017

Perfect way to see a wonder of the world and learn about India too!

Did the Sunrise Taj and Agra Fort tour with a colleague on a day trip. Booked the trip a day before we started it, and it was super easy. Our airport pickup was seamless and we had a drive to the Taj, where we met our guide. Aman, our guide, walked us around the great wonder and then the fort. Very knowledgable, fun, and helpful. Would definitely recommend!

Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi Reviewed by Zachary, 06/10/2017

Well organised, informative and generally amazinga experience

Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to visit Agra and the Taj Mahal. Our driver arrived on time and was very friendly, a smooth ride to Agra. We met our guide in agra who spoke perfect english, was very informative and really interesting. We were informed of souvenirs to buy but werent pressured at any point. Our guide took many photos of us showing us the best spots and would wait as long as we wanted for us to take photos. Visiting in june meant the weather was really warm and both our guide and driver always had cold bottled water for us.

Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi Reviewed by Matthew, 06/08/2017

The driver was on time I had a really great tour of the Taj M !

The tour guide was very informational on all the sites that we toured , on time & answered all my questions , the gentlemen help me create some great pictures ! Thanks again!

Much more than a tour guide, enjoyable company and great photographer!

A wonderful way to see the Taj Mahal - at sunrise with the fresh morning breeze, relatively crowd-free. Faizal was a great tour guide and we highly recommend this tour.

Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi Reviewed by Chrysl, 06/07/2017

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