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Bus driver talked on his phone with his wife for most of the trip!

Not a lot of Guide involved with this tour. It was set up with a bus company to pick us up and deliver us to the Warner Bros location. The bus driver drove well but his wife called as soon as we got out of the city. He talked with her for the remainder of the trip. He even told her he was working/driving and should not be on the phone. He was holding his phone. I was not sure what the laws are in England but I certainly wanted to ask him to get off the phone as I had my granddaughter with me and it was quite foggy on the highway! When we arrived, he said we were early and would have to wait on the bus for the tour guide to get there. She came on the bus and told us where to go and what time to be back. I told her about the phone calls. She referred me to Premier Coach- told me to call them. When we returned I reminded her if there was an accident her company would also be responsible!

GYG voucher worked perfect. Tower Bridge is definitely worth seeing.

The queue in front of the Tower Bridge entrance was not too bad. We had to wait for approx. 10 minutes. We were there the week before Easter. There is a lift, which takes you up to the top. The Tower Bridge was a very good experience, especially both glass bottoms on top of the Tower Bridge. It was not too crowded, so we had a good view from the top of the Bridge. Please be aware, that you first walk over both glass bottom sides before you leave the top and go downstairs to the exit or the machine room. The machine room is outside the Tower Bridge, so you have to exit and follow a blue line on the ground, which leads you to the machine room. Once you have left for exit or visiting the machine room, you can´t go back on the top of the Tower Bridge. Enjoy it! :-)

Tower Bridge Exhibition Tickets Reviewed by Dania, 04/22/2019

Great at the studio’s teribbel the bussses

At Victoria there are no signs noboddy knows where to be there is no respons to the email adres, when the bus arrives ( sit there where the most people sit there is a check in by list not your ticket al the people are let in the bus till it is full then the are looking at the time and you have to leave the bus again At the studio’s there is a lady again with lists with your name without looking at your mobile ticket. The bus driver was horribel he could not drive made 2 times a near accident with other cars drive without knowing the bus so his window was all foggy we arrived at 14:30 and had to be at the bus at 18:30. Please take a different bus company place signs outside and inside the teminal perhaps a puser to breed you it could be so mutch better

Very detailed and high-quality, spectacular tour, we really enjoyed it

I think the tour is well-organized. It was absolutely stunning, to take a walk in the Gringotts and the Diagon Alley, the Forbidden Forest and etc. I didn't think the exhibition is so big, there are even outdoor parts, where you can take a walk around the Knight Bus, the original houses, the Hogwarts wooden bridge. You can sit into the flying Ford Anglia, or take a selfie on Hagrid's bike. You can watch loads of behind-the-scenes videos and photos, robots and their electronics, masks, costumes, literally everything. I think it's not just for Harry Potter fans, but for film fanatics, who are curious about film making. It was very likable, that a few stories and "warning videos" were told by the original actors. :)

What a great tour! Get your tickets EARLY!

This was a terrific tour. Be sure to get your tickets early as they sell out, and there are very limited entry to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter behind the scenes experience. I can't tell you how many times we heard in London that people tried to get tickets but it was sold out. I loved how this was a self-guided tour, because it allowed my daughter and me to take our time and focus on the things that interested us most. The bus left on time and was very comfortable and they gave us more than enough time to see the entire attraction, eat and shop. I highly recommend this tour!