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Associazione Ara Macao 7 Reviews

Ara Macao is a no profit association wich has as its purpose the promotion of quality in art, culture, sport and health, environment and nature, human rights, solidarity and the proper relationship between parents and children. Safari d’arte® is a treasure hunt that you play by walking through the city streets looking for particular details on its monuments. A beguiling and original way for adults and children to explore the city and get to know its history, its historic agures and its works of art. You will appreciate and rediscover well-known monuments in a completely new way, via the careful searching and observation needed to play the game. And this will give you the opportunity to get to know those details that the traditional tour don’t give you, and to discover the history and legends of many of the city’s monuments.

Associazione Ara Macao offers tours and activities for these attractions:

Pantheon, Fountain of the Four Rivers, Piazza Navona, Fountain of the Four Rivers, Theatre of Marcellus, Santa Maria d'Aracoeli, Piazza Venezia, Great Synagogue of Rome, Tiber Island, Portico d'Ottavia, Jewish Ghetto, Rome, Tiber River, Piazza Mattei, Vittorio Emmanuel II Monument

Associazione Ara Macao offers tours and activities in these cities:

Rome, Rome, Rome

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