Historic America

We’re Aaron Killian and Rachel Tracey. Historic America is our company - a company dedicated to telling the story of the United States. Uniquely, ours is a nation founded on the proposition that human beings are created equal and endowed with inherent rights. The ongoing struggle to live out this creed has made our nation a cradle of human creativity, industry, energy, and aspiration. What a country. What a story to share! Our historic tours exist to connect you with America’s past. Did we mention they’re also a ton of fun? There’s no greater joy than sharing a wonderful story with guests who are eager to listen and learn. Our interactive, multi-sensory, historic tour experiences are a blast. If you want American history, we’ve got you covered.

Historic America offers tours and activities for these attractions:

Antietam National Battlefield, Antietam National Cemetery, South Mountain State Battlefield, Manassas National Battlefield Park, The Treasury Building, Washington D.C., White House, Henry Hill, Virginia, Arlington National Cemetery, InterContinental The Willard Washington D.C.

Historic America offers tours and activities in these cities:

Washington, DC, Harpers Ferry, Sharpsburg, Washington, DC, Manassas

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