Our most recommended things to do in Elqui Province

Pisco Elqui: Mountaintop Stargazing and Night Portrait

1. Pisco Elqui: Mountaintop Stargazing and Night Portrait

Embark on an astrotourism experience in Pisco Elqui. View the clear night skies from a clay auditorium adapted to the mountains. Look up at the stars while enjoying a pisco sour, an iconic local drink. Sit at the top of the mountain with your drink in hand. Learn about the southern skies from your guide.  Gaze up at thousands of stars visible to the naked eye before using a professional 20” telescope to get a better look. Get a souvenir photo of these breathtaking skies at the end of your tour.

Elqui Valley Spanish Tour from La Serena

2. Elqui Valley Spanish Tour from La Serena

Your day begins with an 8:30 AM pickup from your centrally located La Serena or Coquimbo hotel. Greet your guide, board the vehicle, and settle in for a journey of about two hours to Cochiguaz, in the Elqui Valley. After learning why some people call Cochiguaz the world's new geomagnetic center, and exploring a little of its new-age culture, pay a visit to a Pisco production plant. Discover how Chile's national drink is made and enjoy a tasting before returning on road that leads to Vicuña. Stroll through Vicuña as your guide explains how it is the most important town in the valley and also the hometown of the Nobel Prize-winning poet, Gabriela Mistral. There is also time to admire the Baüer Tower, main square, and church. Next, it's time for lunch in a typically Chilean restaurant. After lunch, descend into the valley to visit the tomb of Gabriela Mistral and her childhood school-house. Your tour concludes with a drop-off back at your hotel at around 6:30 PM.

From Pisco Elqui: Cochiguaz River Valley Nature Hike

3. From Pisco Elqui: Cochiguaz River Valley Nature Hike

Be captivated by traditional Andean culture and the natural wonders of the Cochiguaz river valley on this tour from Pisco Elqui. Learn about traditional farming techniques that are used by locals. Meet your guide at the tour supplier's office in Pisco Elqui and sit back and relax on the drive to the tour's starting point. Begin your walk with sweeping views of your surroundings from 1,800 meters above sea level. Follow your guide on an ever-changing path to see where a spring emerges. Stroll through a semi-arid forest, rocky terrain, and a fertile green mantle. See how the local community manages water at an authentic mapudungun (water house). Uncover the secrets behind small-scale agriculture and livestock farming in northern Chile. Return to the meeting point at the tour supplier's office in Pisco Elqui.

La Serena and Coquimbo Guided City Tour

4. La Serena and Coquimbo Guided City Tour

Travel to the origins of the conquest to discover the places where the history and foundation of the North was forged Verde, Coquimbo Bay and the oldest city in the coast of the country, La Serena, Latin American capital for the Architecture and Urbanism and cradle of viticulture in the Southern Cone. Created to keep Santiago de Chile alive threatened by the Mapuche uprising, received by land and sea everything that came from the Viceroyalty of Peru, for his privileged geography and location, played a role strategy for the propagation of resources that they would raise and found the first cities of Chile and Argentina. Discover the treasures of La Serena and Coquimbo, ancestral bay and inhabited pre-Columbian cultural metropolis by the Animas, Changos, Diaguitas, Incas, Mapuches, Conquerors, clerics, and pirates, drawn by the weather and the riches of its coast and its mountains make it the economic and cultural capital of Chile in the colony. Itinerary • Tour of terraces, old town monuments (Churches and Plan serena) foundational milestones and origins of Chilean wine • Visit the archaeological museum, La Recova market and Plaza de Weapons of La Serena (Cathedral, Dominican Church and statues). • Tour of Aguirre Avenue and visit to the Monumental Lighthouse. • Entrance to Avenida del Mar in La Serena and Avenida Costanera from Coquimbo, views of the Culebrón wetland and the Mosque. • Arrival at Ciudad Puerto de Coquimbo and tour of its historic streets, central square and English Quarter. • Stop at Fort Lambert, Cross of the Third Millennium, the pampilla and Viewpoint of the Navigators. • Visit the port and Church of Guayacan and the town of La Herradura. • Free time at Totoralillo beach and return to La Serena.

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Cochiguaz: Horseback Riding, River and Mountain Range

6. Cochiguaz: Horseback Riding, River and Mountain Range

Travel from Pisco Elqui to "El Colorado" sector in Cochiguaz on this group tour that is good for all experience levels with horseback riding. Get expert safety instruction from someone experienced with horses. Ride your horses like Chilean huasos with hats and riding leggings. Enjoy the walk through the beautiful Andean landscapes where you can observe rural life. Journey along the banks of the Cochiguaz River and feel the exhilaration of crossing the river. Have the option of taking a dip in the temperate river after a day of horseback riding.

Magical Journey through the High Elqui Valley

7. Magical Journey through the High Elqui Valley

There is no better way to get to know this land than at the relaxed pace of the Elquino lifestyle, and in private transportation. Without haste, we will take you to the end of the road at 1900 meters above sea level, where you can observe how the landscape of the high mountains opens up, embracing traditional forms of a culture that withstands the test of time. Leave your worries behind and hop on with our guide on a journey that will take you to the farthest corners of the Elqui Valley. Marvel at the attractions and history of the Elqui Valley, visit the town of Alcohuaz, meet the producers of late harvest wine at Piuquenes, stroll through the Artisanal Village of Horcón, and take a break on the banks of the Estero Derecho River, which meanders at the foot of the mountains. Let the pisco from Doña Josefa, distilled under these illuminated skies, awaken your senses.

Other Sightseeing Options in Elqui Province

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