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Over 400 years ago, prince-archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau began to transform the town into an Italian-style Baroque gem. He and his successors created a masterpiece of urban design, which today belongs to the cultural heritage of all mankind. The Salzburg prince-archbishops’ absolutist rule claimed control over both “heavenly and earthly” matters. The building complex consisting of Residenz and Cathedral was the outward expression of this universal spiritual and secular power. In 1803, secularisation closed the connecting doors. The installation of the DomQuartier restored the original architectural unity of the Cathedral and Residenz precinct, also including the Benedictine monastery of St Peter’s and thus creating an internationally unique museum project. The DomQuartier affords a unique survey of 1,300 years of political domination, art, music and architecture. It is the authentic place in the centre of the Salzburg UNESCO World Heritage site to experience history through all the senses.

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