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Our most recommended Dhaka Tours

Dhaka: Full-Day City Tour of Old & New Dhaka

1. Dhaka: Full-Day City Tour of Old & New Dhaka

You will be picked up from your Dhaka Hotel and start the city tour. Begin your day by immersing yourself in the captivating allure of Lalbagh Fort, a magnificent Mughal structure adorned with intricate architecture and surrounded by lush gardens. As you explore the fort, you’ll be transported back in time to the era of emperors and royal grandeur. See the Lalbagh Fort as well as the Star Mosque and the Armenian Church. From there, make your way to Ahsan Manzil (Closed on Thursday), an enchanting pink palace that once served as the residence of the Nawabs of Dhaka. Step inside this architectural gem, now transformed into a museum, and delve into the opulent lifestyle and rich heritage of the Nawabs. Enjoy a traditional Bangladeshi lunch at a local restaurant, where you can savor the flavors of local cuisine. Venturing further, head towards Sadarghat River Port, where the pulse of Dhaka’s river life beats fervently. Experience the vibrant activity as boats and ferries navigate the Buriganga River, creating a vivid tapestry of sights and sounds that showcases the city’s thriving trade and commerce. You can then enjoy a boat ride on Buriganga River Sadarghat. Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque campus of one of Bangladesh’s oldest and most prestigious universities. Visit the largest mosque in Bangladesh, known for its grand architecture and religious significance. Before the tour ends you will see the Dhakeshwari Temple, and Shahid Minar. By evening you will be dropped off at your Dhaka Hotel.

Sonargaon Day-Tour from Dhaka City

2. Sonargaon Day-Tour from Dhaka City

1. Goaldi Mosque 9:00 am – 9:45 am: We will pick you up from your hotel or residence in Dhaka City and start moving towards Sonargaon (approx. 1 to 1.5 hours journey). 11:00 am – 11:30 am: First, we will visit Goaldi Mosque, which was built in 1519 A.D. in the village of Goaldi in Sonargaon by Mulla Hizabar Akbar Khan during the reign of Sultan Hussain Shah. It is one of the ancient Mosques of Bangladesh. We take a little tea break here. 2. Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum 11:30 am – 12:30 am: We will go Main Building (Prasad) which used to be King Isa Kha’s palace. Now it is used for the Folk, Art, and Craft Museum and also covers the newly constructed building of folk art as well. We walk through the whole campus to explore the ancient Capital of Bengal. 3. Panam Nagar 12:30 am – 1:30 pm: We will visit Panam City, which was built in 1500 A.D. Some wealthy Hindu Lords operated their business here and made a city to live in with all facilities. The area is divided by a single road is the main colonial system buildings. Those artistic buildings will take us to ancient Bangla. 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm: We will take our lunch at a nearby restaurant with local food that may be a little spicy and hot. Please let us know after booking if you need special needs.. 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm: We will take a little rest under the greenwood tree and gossip ourselves. 4. Meghna River 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm: We will Meghna River to ride on a boat. Megh is one of the 3 major .river in Bangladesh. Sonargaon is situated on the bank of river Meghna. 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm: We will start back to the hotel or residence in Dhaka City. Thanks for being part of our journey.

Dhaka Day Tour: Sonargaon and Mainamati

3. Dhaka Day Tour: Sonargaon and Mainamati

You will be picked up from your hotel in Dhaka at 8:00 am and transferred to your first stop Sonargaon which was a historic administrative, commercial and maritime center in Bengal. Situated in the center of the Ganges delta, it was the seat of the medieval Muslim rulers and governors of eastern Bengal. Sonargaon was described by numerous historic travelers, including Ibn Battuta, Ma Huan, Niccolo de Conti and Ralph Fitch as a thriving center of trade and commerce. It served as the capital of Sultan Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah, Isa Khan and the Baro-Bhuyan Confederacy. Next, you’ll head to some other historic buildings such as The Folk Art Museum (Wednesday & Thursday closed), Panam Nagar, Goaldi Mosque. After lunch at Sonargaon local restaurant continue for archaeological sites Mainamati. Here you will visit some other historical and archaeological sites such as Salban Vihara which was established in 8th century by King Budda Dev. Salban Vihara, almost in the middle of the Mainarnati-Lalmai hill range consists of 115 cells, built around a spacious courtyard with cruciform temple in the centre facing its only gateway complex to the north resembling that of the Paharpur Monastery. Rupban Mura- Locally the site is known as Rupban Mura. But after excavation here brought to light remains of a shrine, a monastery and octagonal votive stupa.  Among the antiquities found here are on Gupta imitation gold coin, 4 coins of debased metal, 3 silver coins and a buikey sand Buddha image of post gupta period. On the basis of all the evidences found here the original monastery and shrine may be dated prior to the 8th century A.D. Itakhola Mura- Locally the site is known as Itakhola Mura. As a result excavation a ground plan of an east facing Buddhist temple has been exposed. Five building are rebuilding phases have been found in the temple besides this the remains of small vihara has been exposed on northern side of the temple. Among the discovered antiquities are 18 tola solid gold or silver coin and a copper plate is noteworthy. Besides these a bust of a large size stucco image which is still instu. In consideration of the antiquities and architectural features the temple may be dated in 7th to 12th century A.D. Mainamati Mound and the Mainamati museum (Closed on Sunday & Monday) and the Mainamati War Cemetery.

Sonargaon Day Tour from Dhaka

4. Sonargaon Day Tour from Dhaka

Take a private full-day tour of Sonargaon to get to know the city’s incredible historic administrative, commercial and maritime center in Bengal. The popular 8-hour tour includes all transportation, the services of a personal driver and tour guide throughout the day. Following a hotel pick-up, your first stop will be Banglar Tajmahal which is a scaled copy of the original Taj Mahal (a Mughal mausoleum located in Agra, India) located 10 miles east of the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka in Sonargaon. Explore one of the most historic cities in Bangladesh namely Sonargaon, The Old Capital of Bengal. With its magnificent ancient buildings and monuments, it is only fitting that this wonderful capital would become home to a museum that captures and preserves the traditions and culture of the people of Bangladesh. Next, head to The Folk Art Museum, or Folk Art and Crafts Museum is located on a picturesque fifty hectare piece of land that consists of breathtaking landscapes, peaceful artificial lakes and ponds, and of course the structures that make up the Folk Art Museum complex (Wednesday, Thursday & Government holiday is closed). Later on proceed to Panam City (Panam Nagar) to see the beautifully decorated buildings constructed around the end of 18th century and Goaldi Mosque that was built in 1519. Continue to board on a wooden boat (Engine Driven) to join Cruises on Meghna River adventure. Explore the remote island villages of the widest river of Bangladesh that are only accessible by boat. Discover lifestyle of island people. Stop at any island in the middle of river and have more fun. Enjoy the Hilsa fishing and the activities of villagers.

Private Historical Cumilla Mainamati Day Tour from Dhaka

5. Private Historical Cumilla Mainamati Day Tour from Dhaka

Following a hotel pick-up at 8 am, your first stop will be Salban Vihara in Mainamati (Sunday Closed), one of the best-known Buddhist viharas in the Indian Subcontinent and one of the most important archaeological sites in the country. At the end of the 8th century, King Shri Bhavadeva (Vobodev) made the “Salban Bihar” in this place. The digging started in the 80th decade. Many archaeological elements were found here. Most of them are kept in the Mainamati Museum now. Continue visiting Mainamati Museum (Sunday Closed) is next to Shalban Bihar. Many valuable antiquities were found during the excavations of Srivadava’s Mahavihara, Kotila Mura, Charpatra Mura, Rupbanmura, Itakhola Mura, Ananda Bihar, Rani’s Bangla, and Bhoj Raja’s Bari Bihar. This museum is a prominent place for displaying these antiquities; a west-facing museum was set up in 1965 in front of Shalban Bihar on the south side of Shalban Bihar in Comilla Kotbari. Next to Mainamati Museum, you can see the traditional Buddhist Temple built a few years ago. Visit Rupban Mura (Sunday Closed), an important archaeological site of Mainamati, lying on a hillock south of the Comilla-Kalirbazar road. The Cruciform Shrine Originally built as a solid stupa on a square base, it was subsequently converted into a semi-cruciform shrine in the second period (8th century A.D.). Next, we will proceed to historical sights locally known As Itakhola Mura (Sunday Closed). As A Result Excavation, A Ground Plan Of An East Facing Buddhist Temple Has Been Exposed. Five Building Rebuilding Phases Have Been Found In The Temple. Besides This, the Remains of Small Vihare Have Been Exposed On the Northern Side of the Temple. Among The Discovered Antiquities Are 18 Tola Solid Gold or Silver Coin and A Copper Plate Is Noteworthy besides These A Bust Of Large Size Stucco Image Which Is Still Instu. In Consideration Of The Antiquities And Architectural Features, The Temple May Be Dated To the 7th to 12th Century A.D. Next, we will visit the Palace of Queen Maynamati. Mainamati’s Palace Mound is the largest and highest mound in the northern extremity of the ridge near Mainamati village. The site has been traditionally associated with the legendary Chandra Queen, Mainamati, mother of the last known Chandra King, Govinda Chandra, and is popularly regarded as the last seat of that dynasty. Finally, The Mainamati War Cemetery is a war cemetery and a memorial in Comilla, Bangladesh, for Second World War graves from nearby areas. The cemetery contains 736 Commonwealth burials.

Full-Day Dhaka City Private Guided Tour

6. Full-Day Dhaka City Private Guided Tour

Experience the vibrant and bustling metropolis of Dhaka with our comprehensive Dhaka City full-day tour. Immerse yourself in the rich history, cultural heritage, and modern developments of the capital city of Bangladesh as you explore its diverse attractions and landmarks. Lalbagh Fort Lalbagh Fort is an incomplete 17th-century Mughal fort complex that stands before the Buriganga River in the southwestern part of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The construction was started in 1678 AD by Mughal Subahdar Muhammad Azam Shah, who was a son of Emperor Aurangzeb and later the emperor himself. Wikipedia * Please Note: It is closed on Sunday 1 hour • Ahsan Manzil Manzil is the erstwhile official residential palace and seat of the Nawab of Dhaka. The building is situated at Kumartoli along the banks of the Buriganga River in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Construction was started in 1859 and was completed in 1872. It was constructed in the Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture. Wikipedia * Please Note: It is closed on Thursday. 2 hours • Sadarghat A lively area of narrow streets crammed with cycle rickshaws, Sadarghat is known for its bustling river port and boat trips along the Buriganga. Textbooks and discounted volumes, plus stationery, are for sale at Banglabazar Book Market, while Shankhari Bazar Road is dotted with Hindu temples and stores selling conch shell crafts, spices, and textiles. Star Mosque Star Mosque, is a mosque located in Armanitola area, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The mosque has ornate designs and is decorated with motifs of blue stars. It was built in the first half of the 19th century by Mirza Golam Pir. Wikipedia Dhakeshwari Temple Dhakeshwari National Temple is a Hindu temple in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is state-owned, giving it the distinction of being Bangladesh's 'National Temple'. The name "Dhakeshwari" means "Goddess of Dhaka". Wikipedia Armenian Church The Armenian Church, also known as Armenian Apostolic Church of the Holy Resurrection, is a historically significant architectural monument situated in the Armanitola area of old Dhaka, Bangladesh. Wikipedia Curzon Hall The Curzon Hall is a British Raj-era building and home of the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Dhaka. The building was originally intended to be a town hall and is named after Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of India. Shahid Minar The Shaheed Minar is a national monument in Dhaka, Bangladesh, established to commemorate those killed during the Bengali Language Movement demonstrations of 1952 in then East Pakistan. Sangshad Bhaban Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban or National Parliament House, is the house of the Parliament of Bangladesh, located at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka. Hatirjheel Hatirjheel is a lakefront in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Before 2009, It was a slum area that has been transformed into a recreation area as well as an alternate way to ease traffic congestion. The area was constructed under Bangladesh Army and the Special Works Organization.

Dhaka: Like a Local Customized Guided Tour

7. Dhaka: Like a Local Customized Guided Tour

Explore the city with a friendly local who is passionate about his/ her city and eager to share all the tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your trip. Meet where you're staying to get familiar with the neighborhood, find out about the best places to eat and buy groceries, the easiest ways to get around and the hidden gems you might have missed. By the end of the tour, you'll feel more comfortable in navigating the city and confident that you have all the information you need to make the most of your stay. Once your booking is received, the local tour operator will get in touch with you to confirm all the details for the tour such as the meeting place and time, language and your contact information and also to ask you some questions to get to know you better. Then, the right local will be handpicked for you based on your interests. Each tour will be completely customized so you can choose the meeting location, start time and length that you prefer (minimum: 2-hours). During the walking tour, you will have the option of taking public transportation or taxi to get around the city (at your expense). The local guides are locals who are passionate about their city and love to meet travelers and share what they love about their city. They are not professional tour guides and do these tours occasionally, which provides an authentic and personal experience that is like having a friend show you around their home city. Through conversations with your local guide, you’ll learn what it’s like to live in the city, learn about cultural differences, local events and politics and also get to know each other on a personal level. With this experience, you won’t be just passing through the city, you’ll be part of it.

Bangladesh village trip with natural sightseeing

8. Bangladesh village trip with natural sightseeing

Adventure into a village for the first time is an exhilarating experience that promises a refreshing escape from the bustling city life. The serenity, simplicity, and charm of village life offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature, engage with local culture, and unwind from the fast-paced urban routine. A village trip offers a transformative experience that introduces new travelers to a world of simplicity, beauty, and authenticity. From immersing yourself in nature to connecting with the heartwarming locals, every aspect of the journey is a treasure waiting to be uncovered. So pack your bags, open your heart, and embark on an adventure that promises to be both invigorating and unforgettable.

Textech Bangladesh international expo 2023

9. Textech Bangladesh international expo 2023

Textech Bangladesh 2023 is a Comprehensive International Exhibition featuring Worldwide Textile Apparel Technology & Machinery, focusing on the entire Textile & Apparel Industry of Bangladesh. Textech Bangladesh is the Oldest and Biggest International Exhibition of Bangladesh serving the Textile & Apparel Industry of Bangladesh for the past 22 years.

Rajshahi Highlights Day Tour

10. Rajshahi Highlights Day Tour

Following hotel pick-up from Rajshahi at 8:00, your first stop will be Bagha Mosque, built within a brick-walled compound. Next, you’ll head to the Puthia Temple Complex. This consists of a cluster of notable old Hindu temples in Puthia. It has the largest number of historic temples in Bangladesh. After a local restaurant lunch, continue to the Natore Royal Palace. Also known as Natore Rajbari, this was the residence and seat of the Rajshahi Raj family of Zamindars. Queen Rani Bhabani lived here and after the death of her husband expanded both the estate and the palace. At approximately 18:00, you'll arrive back at your hotel in Rajshahi where the tour will end.

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Good: Safe as a solo female traveller. Museum was interesting. Felt safe with the driver and driving style. People are friendly and warm. Goaldi Mosque was also good to see. Handicraft village has textiles like saris, pots, little items like pestle and mortars etc... Improvements: Could check if all activities were available before we arrived as we couldn't do panam city because it was closed. More information on each activity, including history and political background rather than basic facts. Could do an activity with the villagers or even encourage questions between the villagers and the visitor Note: The village activity is more a charity activity so if you want to bring medicines like aspirin etc, or extra money or some sweets for the kids feel free. You won't be pressured into giving anything.