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From Bucharest: A Day by the Black Sea Shared Group Tour

1. From Bucharest: A Day by the Black Sea Shared Group Tour

The tour starts at 8.00 a.m. with pick-up from University Square in the center of Bucharest city, GPS location Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 3, București From here we will head east towards the Black Sea in Dobrogea Region. Once you arrive here, stop in Constanta city, a former Greek settlement and one of the oldest and most important harbors by the Black Sea. Here, you will enjoy a guided walking tour in the city center where you will see the Constanța Casino, Petru and Pavel Church, Romania’s biggest mosque and Ovidiu Market with the most important museum in the city. Here, you will see Roman mosaics, the ruins of the ancient city of Tomis and the Archaeology Museum holding the treasure of this city. After having learned so much, you will now head to Mamaia Beach Resort, Romania’s most famous and beloved location by the Black Sea. The resort was founded during the royal times, and remained ever since a favorite place for elite holidays. You will also have time to enjoy the golden soft sand and the refreshing sparkling water of the beautiful sea. Now it is time to head back to the capital city. We will end the day in Bucharest with drop-off in the same location in University Square

From Bucharest: Constanta and Mamaia Day Trip

2. From Bucharest: Constanta and Mamaia Day Trip

Depart Bucharest and travel 230 kilometers to Constanta in the company of a private driver and guide. Stroll through the old part of the city on arrival to get amazing views of the Black Sea coast. Then, visit the Museum of Archaeology and History to look at a large collection of vases, statuary and jewelry from Romania's Greek-Roman period. Go inside the largest mosque in Romania, built in 1910 by King Carol I, and climb the 140 steps of the minaret for a breathtaking view of the city and sea. Continue to the Byzantine St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Cathedral near the ruins of the ancient city. Discover the symbol of the city at the spectacular Art Nouveau casino between the commercial and tourist ports. Enjoy lunch in one of the best fish restaurants on the coast, before going to the Folk Art Museum to learn more about traditional life in Romania. Complete your day trip with a visit to the seaside resort of Mamaia and top up your tan on the beach before the drive back to Bucharest.

Constanta: Full Day Tour from Bucharest to the Black Sea

3. Constanta: Full Day Tour from Bucharest to the Black Sea

In the first part of this tour you will be driving on the highway to Constanta and crossing the bridge over the Danube (the first bridge was built in 1895 by the Romanian engineer Anghel Saligny during the King Carol I). You will also pass the Nuclear Power Plant built by a Canadian Company at the beginning of 1978. After 3 hours of driving, you will then reach Constanta before heading to the historical center. Constanta is the oldest town attested on the Romanian territory.  There, you will visit the Museum of Archeology and History Constanta. Founded in 1878, the museum contains relics and pieces of architecture from the Greek and Roman period. This includes the Roman Edifice with mosaic (temporarily closed for renovation), discovered in 1959 by archaeological excavations. The edifice reveals an original Roman Mosaic, which was part of the commercial harbor dating back to the 4th Century. You will also see the statue of Ovidius, representing Publius Ovidius Naso (43BC-17AC), who was buried under the gates of the Roman Citadel in the present location of the statue. The statue is located in Ovidiu Square and was built in 1887 by the Italian sculptor Ettore Ferrari. Then you will visit the Muslim Mosque, built between 1910-1912, as a homage to the local Muslim community. The inauguration was made in the presence of Carol I (the first king of Romania). It was first named Carol I and later was renamed Mahmud the Second. Going up in the Minaret Tower you can have a splendid panoramic view of the whole city of Constanta. Afterward, you will visit the Orthodox Cathedral, built between 1883-1895 by the famous Romanian architect Ion Mincu. It is a monument of Byzantine architectural style. The Aquarium Constanta, inaugurated in 1958 was the first public aquarium in Romania, and you can see here a variety of fish species including a large collection of sturgeon (temporarily closed for renovation). After lunch, the day ends with the drive back to Bucharest. Optionally, if the weather permits and if you bring your swimming suit, you can take a refreshing bath in the Black Sea.

From Bucharest: Private Day Trip to Constanta and Mamaia

4. From Bucharest: Private Day Trip to Constanta and Mamaia

This Bucharest to Constanta and Mamaia day trip is one of the most popular during the summer. From Bucharest to Constanta we have around 220 km. Constanta is the 5th largest city in Romania, a harbor and touristic city that lies on the western coast of the Black Sea. A cosmopolitan place where East meets West in a perfect harmony. The oldest city in Romania was founded by the Greek colonists from Miletus, in the 7th century b.c., under the name of Tomis. Mamaia is the Romanian Ibiza, the most exclusive summer resort in Romania. If you choose this Black Sea tour, in a single day you could have a sunbath in Mamaia and feel the Greek and Roman vibes of Constanta. Don't forget your beachwear and let's hit the Sun Motorway!

Constanta: Private Coastal Tour with Transfer and Museums

5. Constanta: Private Coastal Tour with Transfer and Museums

Sightseeing of the port surroundings including the Port Museum, Ex-Casino (under reconstruction), the Genovese Lighthouse, The Archaeology and History Museum, Ovid Square (stop in Tomis port and walk into Ovid Square), Mamaia resort, where you will have a walking session in the centre of the resort. On the way to Techirghiol resort, a place bordered by a salt-lake with a beach used for the sapropelic mud-bath (a remedy for rheumatism and not only). In Techirghiol you will visit the Wooden Church of Holly Mary, brought there in the 1930s from the northern part of Romania. Returning to the ship you will pass through the resort of Eforie North.

From Bucharest: 3-Day Danube Delta Birdwatching Private Tour

6. From Bucharest: 3-Day Danube Delta Birdwatching Private Tour

Discover the natural wonder of the UNESCO Danube Delta, the second-largest wildlife biosphere in Europe. This pristine garden is home to over 320 bird species, an array of fish and plants, and unique local culture. Our trip offers a 3-hour bird-watching boat trip, where you can leisurely observe the rich wildlife in its natural habitat. The boats are designed for comfort, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy the stunning surroundings. You'll stay for 2 nights in comfortable accommodations, where you can taste the best fish-based cuisine that the region has to offer. We'll take you on a journey to Constanta's old town, where you can explore the historic Grand Mosque, Archaeological Museum, and the iconic Casino. You'll also visit Halmyris Fortress, a remarkable ancient structure. Halmyris Fortress is an ancient Roman fortress located near the village of Murighiol in the Danube Delta region of Romania. The fortress was built in the 4th century AD as a part of the Limes Scythicus, a defensive system of fortifications along the Danube river, meant to protect the Roman Empire from barbarian invasions from the north. The fortress was strategically located on a hill overlooking the nearby lakes and marshes, giving the Roman soldiers a clear view of the surrounding area. It was a typical Roman fortress, with a rectangular shape, four towers at each corner, and a gate in the middle of each wall. Today, visitors can explore the ruins of the fortress, including the walls, towers, and the remains of the barracks, the granaries, and the command center. The site also has a small museum that showcases artifacts found during the archaeological excavations, including pottery, coins, and weapons. Halmyris Fortress is a fascinating destination for history buffs and anyone interested in the ancient world. It provides a glimpse into the military and cultural heritage of the Danube Delta region and is a great way to experience the rich history of the area. To immerse yourself in the local culture, we offer an overnight stay in a traditional guesthouse located in the charming village of Mahmudia. Here, you can witness the daily life of the locals and savor regional fish-based specialties unique to Romania. Visit The Aquarium from Tulcea, also known as the Danube Delta Museum, showcases a variety of freshwater and saltwater species, as well as exhibits on the Danube Delta's history, ecology, and local culture. It's a must-visit destination for nature lovers and those interested in the region's unique aquatic life. This trip offers a unique opportunity to witness the exceptional natural beauty and rich culture of the Danube Delta. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for a lifetime! Day 1 Bucharest - Constanta - Danube Delta - Mahmudia. Day 2 Mahmudia - Danube Delta Safari Experience wild life and birdwaching boat trip - Halmyris Fortress - Mahmudia. Day 3 Mahmudia - Malcoci village - Tulcea Danube Delta Aquarium - Bucharest.

From Bucharest: 2-Day Private Trip to Danube Delta & Cruise

7. From Bucharest: 2-Day Private Trip to Danube Delta & Cruise

Day One: 1. Old Town Constanta 2. Carol I Mosque 3. Mamaia Beach - Overnight in Tulcea Moscheea Carol I: Carol I Mosque, located in Ovid Square area, is the main religious muslim edifice and one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of our land. The building started in 1910 at the initiative of King Carol I (which is why the building is named so) and was completed in 1913. The inauguration took place on 31st of May in the presence of the royal family and muslim representatives of Romania. Sharing a beautiful and unique mixture of Egyptian, Byzantine and Romanian architecture, Carol I Mosque is the first building in our country for whose construction reinforced concrete was used. A distinctive feature of the building is huge dome made of innovative materials listed above. Although many specific Muslim places of worship, is an architectural dome by Christian inspiration, more exactly, Byzantine. Mamaia Beach: Mamaia is one of the most popular destinations for a beach holiday in Romania. It is on the Black Sea and is an archetypical seaside resort. There are beaches to relax on, nice food and lots of entertainment, including an amusement park. Faleza Casino: Between 1880 and 1890, we hear of Cazin or Kursal as being a wooden building on the seashore, built on a location a few hundred meters away from the current one. Besides the ballroom, noticeable were the reading hall with French newspapers, a games hall, as well as a terrace. It is here that the tourists, the seamen, and the local elite met in the summer evenings to take part in the balls organised by the city hall on the tunes of the brass bands or on the music of the famous artists of the era. Theatrical performances, soirees, conferences, literary readings or masquerade balls also took place at the Cazin. The games of chess, backgammon, or domino completed the bohemian scenery. Day Two: Danube Delta Tour – we explore by boat the beautiful nature of Danube Delta - Back to Bucharest The waters of the Danube, which flow into the Black Sea, form the largest and best preserved of Europe's deltas. The Danube delta hosts over 300 species of birds as well as 45 freshwater fish species in its numerous lakes and marshes. The 580,000 hectare delta is home to massive amounts of waterbirds of all kinds, most notably pelicans of two species, herons, storks, cormorants and terns. It is a favourite staging area for passage migrants and also wintering grounds for masses of migrating waterbirds from the steppes, the boreal forests and the tundras further north. Here also lie some of Europe’s very few remaining grazed mosaic forest landscapes, the beautiful woodlands of Letea and Caraorman. Beavers are slowly making their return into the area, the area holds healthy populations of golden jackal while white-tailed eagles show a remarkable comeback.

From Bucharest: Private Day Trip to Constanta and Mamaia

8. From Bucharest: Private Day Trip to Constanta and Mamaia

Visit the ancient port town of Constanta, and the bustling Mamaia resort, for a refreshing break from the big city. Choose your pickup location in Bucharest, and enjoy the ride as your guide brings you to the best coastal spots. Soak up the sun and sites at the liveliest beach along the Black Sea. You'll spend the bulk of your day having fun in the sun on the 8km stretch of Mamaia's beach. Enjoy the warm waves, lounge around and work on your tan, or go for a stroll on the sandy shores. Don’t worry about getting lost, your guide is there to help. For history buffs, turn back time at the abandoned Constanta Casino, an homage to the era of Art Deco. Stop at the awe-inspiring Carol I Mosque, a monument to Turkish roots in the region. Learn about the area's diverse past from your expert guide. There's never a dull moment at Romania's hottest resort. This flexible tour let's you see it all.

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It was an amazing experience and quite relaxing. Marius, our guide, was excellent, very friendly and informative. Constanta was rather beautiful, Mamaia beach is lovely.

Very little time in Mamaia. It does not allow to be on the beach for more than a few minutes