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  • Colosseum: Tour with Arena Floor, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

    1. Colosseum: Tour with Arena Floor, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

    See the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill on a guided tour of all 3 attractions. Learn all about everyday Roman life, the Colosseum’s gory history, and the city’s rumored founding hill. After entering the Colosseum, tour the amphitheater as your guide brings history to life. Visit the normally off-limits’ arena floor and imagine the crowds from the gladiators’ perspective. Next, visit the Roman Forum, the epicenter of Roman political, religious, and social life. Home to the Temple of Julius Caesar and Roman Senate, it was full of grand, classical architecture and a marketplace. Then walk up Palatine Hill, the reputed birthplace of Rome and center of its 7 hills. Enjoy panoramic city views from here, including exceptional views over the Roman Forum and Colosseum.

  • Rome: Colosseum Underground, Arena & Forum Tour

    2. Rome: Colosseum Underground, Arena & Forum Tour

    Explore the world's most famous amphitheater with an official guide and journey back to the days of the Roman Empire at the monumental Colosseum. Get access to areas not available to regular ticket holders, including the underground level where the wild animals were kept before they went into battle with the gladiators. Enter the arena through the Porta Libitinaria and go up to the first level. 

    Complete your experience by going further up to the 3rd tier, known as Belvedere (only if you choose this option) for a spectacular view of the arena and surrounding area. Learn about the innovative techniques the engineers used to build the monument and hear how it has survived for hundreds of years. Be amazed as history is brought to life as you discuss the political and social reasons for the games and events. Enjoy a short break and then enter the Roman Forum to get a bett...

    I loved the tour of Colosseum and our guide. I just wish I had more time to experience the Palatine Hill before it closed.

  • Rome: Skip the Line Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine Hill Tour

    3. Rome: Skip the Line Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine Hill Tour

    Begin your tour of Rome's Ancient City with skip-the-line access to the Colosseum. Get acquainted with your guide and listen to an introduction to the Colosseum. Learn about the building's incredible construction and why it is considered an engineering marvel to this day.

    With priority entrance, notice the Roman numerals above each archway as you cruise past long ticket lines. Explore the Colosseum’s first and second levels as your guide shares stories of the emperors, gladiators, and famous battles that make the Colosseum Rome's most celebrated ancient monument.

    With your newly acquired expertise of ancient Romans, get ready to appreciate the second part of the tour—a walk through the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Pass by the triumphal Arch of Constantine as you learn the story of Rome's birth and its legendary twins, Romul...

    We had a great time with our tour guide Claudia who was very sympathatic and caretaking. Claudia shared her broad knowledge about the roman history in a very easy going and funny way. We had a great time and can definitely recommend this amazing tour. Thank you Claudia!

  • Rome: Colosseum Arena Floor & Ancient Rome Fast Track Tour

    4. Rome: Colosseum Arena Floor & Ancient Rome Fast Track Tour

    Save precious time and skip the long lines to the Colosseum as you enter the world's most famous amphitheater through the Gladiator's Gate.

    See a partially reconstructed section of the arena floor to imagine what the building looked like during the Roman Empire.

    Follow your guide on an exciting journey through the history of the monument, and get a close-up view of the underground chambers where wild animals were kept for bloodthirsty entertainment.

    Learn how the building was brought to life. Hear about the battles that took place there over time. Relive the experience of the gladiators from an exclusive perspective. Then, go to the Roman Forum to discover the center of political and social life in Ancient Rome.

    Our guide Nicola made the tour so much fun and gave us lots and lots of information about the Roman Forum and the colosseum. We really enjoyed this tour.

  • Rome: Colosseum Under the Moonlight

    5. Rome: Colosseum Under the Moonlight

    Meet outside the Colosseum metro station to take some wide angle photos of the monument before going inside. Skip the long lines to enter the theater and get an immediate sense of its vast size.   Follow in the footsteps of the gladiators and stand in the arena to get stunning views of the underground area. Head below ground to explore the subterranean chambers and hear stories about the fierce battles between the gladiators and wild animals. Marvel as the past is brought to life through stories of ferocious games. and see where the emperor sat above the arena floor as you take a tour of the circumference.

    The guide outside the colosseum was great Her knowledge was amazing and she spoke very good English She gave a good background for beginners like us in Roman history. The colosseum at night is beautiful and overwhelming. I didn’t enjoy the explanations. The English of the guide was not very clear and it wasn’t coherent. It jumped from subject to subject It is not very important but it said in the description of the tour that we will be offered aperitif and snacks. We didn’t get any It is not necessary for the tour to have but don’t write what we don’t get I’m giving five star for the first guide And three star for the second guide

  • Colosseum Underground and Ancient Rome Tour

    6. Colosseum Underground and Ancient Rome Tour

    Discover what lies beneath the arena floor as you witness the dungeons, underground tunnels, and chambers of the colosseum. The tour will begin with special access to the arena floor where you will receive an introduction before descending underground. As you stand on the arena floor, walk in the footsteps of gladiators and imagine the roaring crowd. Get an up-close view of where the emperor, with a single gesture, would decide the fate of the warriors waiting below. Then, descend beneath the colosseum and see the tunnels that connected the colosseum with the Ludus Magnus, where the gladiators would train. Observe the chambers that would house wild animals and see the elevators that were used to release these predators onto the arena floor, to the surprise of gladiators and the delight of spectators. Continue with a walk through the Roman Forum, Ancient Rome’s city center, followed by ...

    Amanda was the best!!! Highly recommend. She had so much information, was very funny, and cared for the guests above and beyond. She even gave us restaurant recommendations nearby. Best pasta ever!

  • Rome: Colosseum and Vatican Tour

    7. Rome: Colosseum and Vatican Tour

    Visit the Colosseum, one of the most iconic structures in the world. Skip the ticket line to access the Colosseum quickly and easily. Learn about the architecture and history of this massive amphitheater, which hosted senators, emperors, and gladiators, as well as animals from all over the world. You'll have the opportunity to visit Palatine Hill, site of the foundation of Rome, followed by exploring the Roman Forum site. Make your own way to the Vatican Museums. The complex is home to 54 different galleries and four statue museums: Museo Pio-Clementino, Museo Chiaramonti, Museo Gregoriano Etrusco and the Museo Gregoriano Egiziano. See some of the most famous works of art in the world, from artists including Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Carvaggio, Raphael and Giotto, to name a few. The 54th gallery of the Vatican Museums is the famed Sistine Chapel, completed around 1483. View many...

  • Colosseum Skip-the-Line Self-Guided Virtual Reality Tour

    8. Colosseum Skip-the-Line Self-Guided Virtual Reality Tour

    Travel back in time to ancient Rome, when the Colosseum knew its moments of greatest glory. Experience reconstruction of the Colosseum in 3D, integrated with audio commentary. Walk through the square, inside the arena to the roar of ferocious lions and fighting gladiators and along mysterious underground corridors where slaves prepared the shows. After your virtual experience, skip the line to enter the Colosseum. This iconic symbol of Rome was built to accommodate 50,000 to 75,000 spectators. Once you have explored the Colosseum, continue the cultural visit at the ruins of the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, where Rome was founded.

    Because we wanted a different experience this time we accessed a tour with virtual reality glasses. It was a perfect choice to better understand the grandeur of the place visited but also to better enter the "story of the place". An excellent idea that I hope to meet again at other tourist attractions such as the Romanian Forum and more. The guide who accompanied us took great care to explain what we have to do but also to make this interactive experience for children and teenagers. The little surprise at the end was welcome and will help us remember the place visited but also the wonderful experience at the Colosseum.

  • Colosseum: Tour with Arena Floor and Ticket to Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

    9. Colosseum: Tour with Arena Floor and Ticket to Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

    See 3 iconic Roman attractions in 1. Enjoy an express guided tour of the Colosseum, and access tickets for the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill for after. Skip the ticket line to enter each attraction. Get to know the Colosseum with your guide leading you and your group around the attraction, including to the exclusive arena floor and 1st tiers. Gain expert knowledge about the scene of many gladiator battles and wild animal battles. Then head to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill to explore both sites in your own time after the tour. See the home of Rome’s political, social, and religious life at the Forum, the site of the Temple of Caesar and Rome’s marketplace. Get panoramic views over the city of Rome from Palatine Hill, the center of Rome’s 7 hills—an amazing photo opportunity.

  • Rome: Skip-the-Line Colosseum Underground Tour

    10. Rome: Skip-the-Line Colosseum Underground Tour

    A special tour to visit the underground of the Colosseum. Enter the Colosseum and learn about the spectacular and incredible entertainments organized in the ancient times. Discover the techniques of construction invented by the Romans, the incredible ability of the gladiators, the violent fighting between exotic animals and the high level of technology achieved by Roman engineers to built the Colosseum. Walk around the first tier and reach the arena to learn about the trapdoors and all the mechanisms used to animate the games. Your tour guide will keep you entertained telling and showing you about the sea-battles, the cages where lions were kept before the games started, the rooms in which the Gladiators were waiting before they reached the arena, the executions and the excitement of the spectators, and the fantastic and expensive games of all human history. Descend to the underground,...

    Great guide! So knowledgeable! She is an archaeologist, so I felt like we got incredible information. We got to tour the inner underground workings of the colosseum as well as the arena floor and all of the regular places as well. Such an amazing tour! Absolutely loved it. We chose to stop there and tour the Roman Forum by ourselves, but I’m sure it would’ve been amazing!

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covid times u can only book online . I happened to do instant booking and coincidentally I got the tour guide right in front of me . we are equipped with personal ear piece and tour guide will guide along . be advise is a long walk and is quite an eye opener for the trip . not a fan of history but impressed by majestic huge structure build by the past . for those who only likes to take picture, u can book just the walk in via online .. for those who needs some background history of the past, , would recommend this .

Well organized, our guide Renate was knowledgable, personable and fun. She kept things moving at the perfect place so you did not feel rushed or overwhelmed. The only suggestion I would make is that signage be put on the exterior door in the event people get there earlier that the door is opened as there is no indication it is the correct location

Did the tour with humi, really good tour and worth it. Access to areas others didn't. Would definitely recommend.

It is very easy to book the activity and pay the tickets. Everything was just as we expected.

We met Amanda who gave us a terrific overview- very impressed