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Chania: Cretan Night Dance Show w/ Dinner, Drinks, & Pickup

1. Chania: Cretan Night Dance Show w/ Dinner, Drinks, & Pickup

Experience an evening of live entertainment, local food, and Cretan hospitality. Discover the unique sounds of traditional music and the beauty of Cretan dance as you learn the steps and immerse yourself in the culture of the island. Cretan music is a living tradition in Greece. It continues to evolve by absorbing elements of contemporary music and also comments on the realities of contemporary life. The character of Crete is reflected in music and dance. Cretan feasts and festivals (panigiria) are at the center of these ancient folkways and are a great way to have fun, the true Cretan way. Traditionally connected to a religious celebration, panigiria in Crete have a centuries-old history. They also have an important social purpose, offering a chance for people to meet and socialize, to honor tradition, and take a break from everyday troubles and chores. These events include large amounts of food and drink, traditional live music, and dancing until the early hours of the morning.

Lakes of Crete: A tour to Authentic Aqua Paradise

2. Lakes of Crete: A tour to Authentic Aqua Paradise

Did you know that Crete has lakes? This Private Guided Tour lets you discover Crete’s Lakes, their incredible flora and fauna and the Natura 2000 environment that engulfs them! We start our journey by visiting the Lake of Agia and the neighbouring water reservoir that provides water to the lush cultivated valleys nearby. To understand the scale of the lakes in Crete, we ascend to an elevated spot, perfect for photographs and sightseeing. Afterwards, we hop inside private organic farming cultivation and get to see the Natura 2000 environment, the river that gives water to this region and taste the organic fruits of Crete, right off the tree! We continue our private excursion, heading east, where the lake of Kournas is located, one of the biggest sweetwater lakes in Crete. After admiring the natural habitat, we have time off to eat lunch or drink at many of the neighbouring taverns overlooking Kournas Lake and a chance to ride the famous water bicycles in the lake and blend in with the natural habitat. Then we continue heading east, through lush vegetation and picturesque villages of mainland Crete to visit Amari Lake and Potamon Dam, with its breathtaking nature, and impeccable views. After a small introduction, time is given to relax and enjoy the sights, grab a snack overlooking the gorgeous artificial lake and continue to an elevated spot for sightseeing and photographs. This relaxed journey reveals to you the lakes of Chania & Rethimnon and is perfect for families and couples, as it is laid back, provides you with great memories and gives you the privacy and relaxation you need due to the many stops throughout this private tour.

Explore Pure Chania: Untouched Villages of Crete

3. Explore Pure Chania: Untouched Villages of Crete

This tour takes you to one of the most desolate villages of Chania, near the region of Sfakia on South Crete: Want to discover life in Crete in its purest form? This tour is for you! We start our journey from our starting point and bypassing many romantic villages, valleys and dizzy roads we start to head South. We make our first break in a traditional village of Extreme beauty with rivers passing through it, and we make a stop to enjoy traditional organic sheep yoghurt with Cretan Honey by the riverside. We continue our journey heading South, where we stop at a Medieval Castle, a Chateau dating back to the Ottoman Empire, where we learn about the Ottoman Rule in Crete, the good things that we took from the Ottomans, and the bad things that held us back from the European Developments. We continue heading South, where the scenery drastically changes and becomes desolate – almost like a desert, due to the White Mountains of Crete! This is an excellent opportunity to talk about the climate of Crete, and take some breathtaking photos too! Finally, we reach the port town of Sfakia, where we can swim, in crystal clear waters of the South Cretan Sea and enjoy a traditional Cretan lunch in the authentic beachfront taverns overlooking the sea. We continue ascending to Anopolis Village, where we meet hospitable people, authentic Cretans of a past era and can wander around the lovely village square. As we progress in an ascending manner, the village of Saint John arises – eerily beautiful and with less than 10 inhabitants, we can explore the village, the absolutely stunning views of the South Cretan Sea and the island of Gavdos. A Coffee break to the one (and only!) traditional “kafeneion” is mandatory for the full experience! On the way back, we stop at the Gorge of Aradaina, with its astonishing wooden bridge. We stand in awe at the 150m height of the Gorge beneath us, while we see the courageous visitors do Bungee Jumping on this bridge! As we are heading home, we stop at local bakeries in order to get supplied with Traditional Cretan Rusks (Sweet or Plain) for a perfect Souvenir from Chania!

From Platanias: Guided Mountain Day Trip with Lunch and Wine

4. From Platanias: Guided Mountain Day Trip with Lunch and Wine

Our road trip will start with colourful sceneries through the orange valley and continue climbing up slowly to the west side of the mountains. After passing Meskla village we will have a short stop to visit a small Sarakina gorge where we will see the impressive rock walls of the gorge just a short walk away from the road. Curvy road will take us all the way up at Zourva where we will have our lunch break to enjoy Mrs Maria's traditional dishes with incredible view. Breathtaking sceneries will continue after the lunch to the next village Therisso which played an important role in Crete's modern history. On the way back to Platanias we will drive along the Therisso gorge where you can admire the high vertical cliffs and the huge Plane trees. Route: Patelari - Alikianos - Meskla - Zourva - Therisso Duration 5h

From Chania: Cave of Zeus & Knossos Palace Private Day Tour

5. From Chania: Cave of Zeus & Knossos Palace Private Day Tour

Come with us on a journey along East Crete reveling in the endless luxuries of the Lassithi Plateau which is basked in allure forests & fertile land dotted with iconic windmills. From the comfort of a luxury chauffeured vehicle at your disposal, our knowledgeable local insider will ensure you experience the best of the whole itinerary. Discover quaint villages, local lifestyle, storied monuments, Byzantine Monasteries & Cretan art. Tuck into a culinary odyssey & savor genuine tastes loved by our legendary forefathers. It’s our job to hook you up with only the most authentic eateries. Amble in the footsteps of gods to the Cave of Zeus. Plunge into the mythical birthplace & sense the sanctity of this ancient site. When in Knossos Palace, luxuriate in the eternal magnificence of the Minoan ruins & frescoes. Succumb to the personalized service of a top history-archaeology guide & let us stimulate you with eclectic information by ensuring a stress-free pace in all archaeological areas.

Knossos & Heraklion Archaeological Museum: From Chania

6. Knossos & Heraklion Archaeological Museum: From Chania

Following pick-up from your hotel in Chania, travel along the northern coast of Crete by comfortable bus. Make your way to the archaeological site of Knossos, where King Minos built his palace. Get a 2-hour guided tour of the monument, designed by Daedalus in such an intriguing way that no visitor was said to find their way out without the help of a guide! Journey through the incredible history of King Minos and the Minoan civilization, and hear about some of the legends of Crete at what was once the island's largest palace. Then, drive to the ancient city of Heraklion to take a guided tour of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Learn more about the island at what is considered to be one of the finest museums in the world dedicated to Minoan art with its many galleries of historic frescoes, jewelry, statues and more. Get some free time for coffee or lunch, and shop for souvenirs in the city center before the return journey to Rethymno.

From Chania: Private Local Highlights & Knossos Palace Tour

7. From Chania: Private Local Highlights & Knossos Palace Tour

We have designed this unforgettable trip to submerge you into an authentic way of life in one of the island's most beautiful regions while gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship between history, stunning escapes, gastronomy, and the authentic Cretan local lifestyle. You will also visit the world-famous Palace of Knossos, where your expert guide will ensure skip-the-line access to all archaeological areas, key pieces of information, and extra-personalized attention. Then, from the history and cultural experience, you will be immersed in another time wandering the unspoiled Cretan landscape along with authentic layers of flavors, wines, and village life of the island of Crete. Enjoy personal pick-up and drop-off with a premium vehicle at your full-day disposal, like a true VIP

Chania: Wine and Cheese Tasting Tour with Lunch

8. Chania: Wine and Cheese Tasting Tour with Lunch

Your 6-hour tour in the Apokoronas region begins with a visit to the scenic village of Apokoronas and its museum. Featuring 7 rooms filled with Cretan history, the museum provides a great overview to the ancient way of life. Learn how the locals used to live, admire traditional Cretan homes and see the old tools that were used in daily work. Next you’ll enjoy a cup of coffee or Cretan malotira tea at a historical site from the Cretan revolution, where a river crosses the square and runs through the village. Sitting beside the crystal-clear waters of the river, you’ll have a scenic view of the high, tree-covered plateau. Head to the foothills of the White Mountains to the local winery. Meet the specialists of the award-winning Romeiko Winery, see how their wines are produced, and enjoy a tasting. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to taste other wine varieties, such as Vidiano, Vilana, Malvazia and Kotsifali. The winery boasts stunning views of the White Mountains and there are herb gardens, an art gallery and a museum of traditional Cretan exhibits on site. Moving underground you’ll visit a wine cellar inside a cave with rocks covering the cylinder bottles. Your final stop on the tour will be at Emprosneros, the cradle of the Cretan revolution against the Ottomans. Admire the ruins of the Alidakis Tower and then enjoy a traditional Cretan lunch at a local tavern.

From Chania: Minoan Palaces with Winery & Matala Beach Tour

9. From Chania: Minoan Palaces with Winery & Matala Beach Tour

Hop down to the heart of Central Crete, the beloved land of our ancestors, and let the wonders of the Minoan world collide on this luxurious passage of time. From the comfort of a premium chauffeured vehicle & escorted by our top local insider revel in the endless luxuries of the ancient Messara plain where wine-red fertile soils treasure lavish vineyards & the oldest olive groves stretch perennially toward the horizon. Visit a family award-winning winery set on the peak of allure panoramas & let our passionate winemakers immerse you into their intoxicating world. Luxuriate in ages unearthing the Bronze Age palaces of Phaistos & Gortyna along with storied villages & monasteries. In the afternoon, tuck in the bohemian vibe of Matala that captivated Bob Dylan & Janis Joplin. Bask in the turquoise waters of the Libyan Sea & unwind in the charming village irresistible for its freshly caught grilled fish & finest ouzo. To us, travel means putting fire in your soul with the best stories.

Heraklion: Private Knossos & Wine Tasting Tour with Lunch

10. Heraklion: Private Knossos & Wine Tasting Tour with Lunch

Begin your journey of Knossos by meeting your guide at your hotel in Heraklion, where you will be greeted by your guide who will take care of you throughout the day.  Head straight to Knossos, where you will visit the ancient Minoan Palace, an important city in antiquity that supported continuous life from the Neolithic era to the 5th century. According to tradition, Knossos was the seat of the wise king Minos. Learn about the archeological site's fascinating myths, including the famous labyrinth and the minotaur legend, and that of Daedalus and Icarus. Next, head into the Heraklion mainland, which is known for its vilana, kostifali, and vidiano indigenous Cretan grapes. Crete's winemaking tradition dates all the way back to antiquity, and Cretan winemakers have consistently produced outstanding, award-winning wines. Taste some of these flavorful wines at a family-owned organic winery, where you'll enjoy six different wines along with local nibbles. Next, tuck into a delicious local lunch in a cozy, traditional, family-owned tavern that serves home-grown and freshly made delicacies from farm to table. This is your chance to sample truly authentic Cretan cuisine. Then, explore a typical village in Archanes as you wander its narrow lanes, and discover a world concealed from time. Here, savor the local liqueur called raki before heading back to your accommodation in Heraklion.

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The most incredible day with the most incredible guide and driver. They are so good at what they do and know exactly where to go and at what time for the absolute best experience. They go out of their way to provide wonderful food, games, stories, stops, and insight. Wonderful, wonderful day for our whole family. And driving the windy roads to Elafonisi ourselves would have been very stressful. We would have gotten there, spent a short while, and come straight home. Instead, we got to experiences many sights in a relaxed and amazing manner. Really the best. The day was long with all the sights and the far drive from our villa (they picked us up there btw!!) — and still we didn't want it to end! The only way to see these places as far as I’m concerned - and to learn about Greek culture along the way

We had an amazing time on this excursion, learning about the history of Greece and the city of Rethymno. Lunch at Lake Kournas was lovely. Our guide, Christine, was friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend this trip to others!

Wonderful tour and guides! Highly recommend if you enjoy history and wine.