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From Budva: Unearthing Hidden Gems of Bar Full-Day Trip

1. From Budva: Unearthing Hidden Gems of Bar Full-Day Trip

Embark on an exclusive adventure crafted by nature itself, tailored for the daring traveler seeking unforgettable experiences in Bar, Montenegro. Delve into the untouched beauty of the region as you swim in a mountain pool beneath a cascading waterfall, immersing yourself in the serenity of the Montenegrin coast's hidden treasures. Discover the secrets left behind by ancient civilizations in the Old Town, where East and West converged while indulging in the local delicacies that define this remarkable region. Our exhilarating journey begins with a panoramic tour of Bar, guided by licensed experts who unveil the city's mesmerizing sights. Our first stop is the Nature Monument – Stara Maslina, an olive tree that has witnessed over 2000 years of Bar's vibrant history. This ancient wonder, protected by the state since 1957, stands as one of Europe's oldest and attracts couples who choose it as a sacred site for their weddings. Under the canopy of this majestic tree, our knowledgeable Ave Tours guides will regale you with intriguing stories, legends, and the significance of Stara Maslina. Leaving the old olive tree behind, our English-speaking guide leads us to the remarkable Old Town of Bar, nestled beneath Mount Rumija. Unlike other Mediterranean Old Towns, Bar is the largest archeological site historical site boasts over 250 open-air archaeological objects of various purposes located within the walls, forming a captivating outdoor museum. Our journey commences at the main gate, guarded by the iconic Venetian Lion. As we explore the city's renowned landmarks, Ave Tours' expert guides will reveal the intriguing tale of the West opening its doors to the East, while unraveling the mysteries behind Bar's designation as the Montenegrin Pompeii. After immersing ourselves in Bar's rich heritage, two rugged jeeps await us for a thrilling expedition to the Rikavac river canyon, a natural wonder that leaves no visitor indifferent. Traverse through untouched landscapes until we reach a captivating waterfall and a picturesque pool, a serene oasis created by Mother Nature herself. Don't forget your bathing suits as you live out your very own Tarzan and Jane adventure in Montenegro, bathing amidst the lush forest surroundings. Following a refreshing swim, indulge in homemade cheese, prosciutto, and the national drink, rakija, which will warm your soul before bidding farewell to the mountain pool. During our leisure time, we'll savor the vibrant atmosphere of the Old Bar bazaar, where authentic restaurants offering mouthwatering national cuisine and charming souvenir shops bring the city's history to life. This tour spans seven exhilarating hours.

The medieval Monastery Kom: Scenic Boat Tour & Winetasting

2. The medieval Monastery Kom: Scenic Boat Tour & Winetasting

Begin your journey in Virpazar, the tiny townlet on three bridges, located in the heart of Lake Skadar. Leave the dock following a small river channel surrounded by fields of reeds and rows of willows. Find yourself on the open waters of vast Lake Skadar and watch Vranjina and its two peaks rise from the largest lake in southern Europe. Turn left and pass under a nearby bridge. Glide down paths enclosed with endless fields of kasaronja - water chestnuts. The ruins of Lesendro, the fortress built in the 18th century, appear soon after, along with their bird visitants, treating you with a beautiful view. Observe the birds dry their wings on the remains of the old fortress while enjoying their beauty and sound. Have fresh air flow through your body as you pass near the place where Lake Skadar meets its richest tributary - Morača River. Let the view melt before your eyes into thousands of white and yellow water lily flowers hidden behind three islets. After that, take the narrow passage between the uneven coast and marshy fields. You will arrive at the foot of Odrin hill - the home of the medieval monastery Kom. Let the aroma of wild thyme tickle your senses as you marvel at the swampy marshlands and enjoy the summer breeze. With such a pristine environment, you can be sure that the monastery honey is equally delightful. Examine the best-preserved frescoes in this area. Standing in the swampy northwestern reaches of Lake Skadar, the monastery has withstood the test of time and has the best-preserved frescoes in the region. When building its church (1415), the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice surrounded the Slavic State Zeta. Therefore, all the monasteries of that period resembled a fortress. Kom was not an exception – built on a high hill, fringed by marshland with a protective wall with two gates. This medieval monastery can often be reached only by boat and has only one inhabitant - a Serbian-Orthodox monk. Leave this picturesque view after 30 minutes and return to Virpazar. In the meantime, pack your swimsuits, towels and sunscreen and prepare to swim in the deep-blue waters of Lake Skadar, surrounded by extraordinary views and untouched nature.

From Tivat: Skadar Lake Land and Boat Tour

3. From Tivat: Skadar Lake Land and Boat Tour

Embark on an enchanting full-day journey to the breathtaking Skadar Lake in Montenegro, a hidden gem known for its natural beauty and tranquility. Skadar Lake is one of 5 national parks in Montenegro and one of Ramsar's protected Wetlands, and home to various species of birds, including pelicans. Experience the mesmerizing allure of the lake as you explore different areas, each offering a unique and picturesque landscape. You will not go on a boat cruise only. Instead, you will fully experience Skadar Lake with Ave Tours, a leading tour operator in Montenegro. Begin your adventure with a stop in the visitors center right in Vranjina, a small village that is actually an island connected to the land via the bridge. Our guide will walk you through the turbulent and surprising history of this peaceful place as you make your way to the Visitor’s Center. You will also learn about the old ways and how locals here lived throughout history. Next, venture out onto the glistening waters of Skadar Lake on a 2-hour long boat cruise. As you sail across the tranquil surface, allow yourself a moment to enjoy the untouched beauty of the surrounding mountains and lush greenery. The boat will take you to one of the quiet beaches on the lake as well, taking the time for swimming breaks. You will have a chance to swim in the clear water of the lake. Skadar Lake is home to 280 species of birds and 50 species of fish. If you are lucky, you will get to see the pelicans, symbols of Skadar Lake. After the boat cruise, you will enjoy a wine-tasting experience with traditional Montenegrin appetizers. Some of the best Montenegrin wines come from this region due to its unique geographic position and fertile soil. Finally, you will make your way to the charming town of Virpazar, where you’ll embark on a walking tour. Discover the rich history and culture as you stroll through the streets and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere. Make sure to look your best as we will show you some of the best viewpoints in the country. The vast greenery and luscious nature of Skadar Lake make it a unique destination. No matter how many times you visit this national park, there will always be something that pulls you in and makes you want to return.

Kotor: Tivat, Herceg Novi, Bay of Boka Aphrodisiac Tour

4. Kotor: Tivat, Herceg Novi, Bay of Boka Aphrodisiac Tour

Experience the best of Montenegro with our captivating tour that takes you on a journey of old-town charms and luxurious delights. We begin in Tivat, a small town renowned for its beauty and the luxurious Porto Montenegro marina, where you'll find exclusive hotels, expensive yachts, and world-famous brand shops. Immerse yourself in the lavish lifestyle of the rich and enjoy the range of cultural and sporting events held throughout the year. In Herceg Novi, the sunniest city in Montenegro, you'll get lost in the maze of narrow streets and staircases of the charming Old Town. Marvel at the Clock Tower, Kanli Kula Fortress, and Fortemare Fortress showcase the town's rich cultural heritage and history. Experience the magic of the town's eternal greenery, sun, and stairs that lead to hidden courtyards and squares, as famously described by Nobel Prize-winning Yugoslav poet Ivo Andrić. The cherry on top is the "Školjke Boke" sustainable shellfish farm, where you can indulge in fresh, organic oysters and oyster mussels straight from the sea. Learn about the farm's natural purification system and sustainable principles, ensuring the environment is respected and preserved for future generations. Enjoy a welcoming drink and a glass of Montenegrin wine while savouring mussels directly from the sea, as fresh as it gets.

From Budva (private group): Lipa Cave & Wine tasting

5. From Budva (private group): Lipa Cave & Wine tasting

LIPA CAVE Lipa cave is one of the largest cave monuments in Montenegro. Its 2,5 km long system of passages and halls makes it a place you simply must visit while in Montenegro. The beauty of Lipa cave was recognized and admired by notable historic figures, among which the Montenegrin royalty. Lipa cave was known of prior to Njegos’ time, and cave expeditions were organized even back then. Various renowned explorers from the 19th century left written documents regarding the cave’s existence and its abundance in cave ornaments, and explorations continue up to this day. WINERY, RIJEKA CRNOJEVICA Markovic vinery is a family project. Although we are inclined to call it a business, the vinery is much more than a mere company that makes wine, organizes events and invites people to celebrate their cherished moments with us. Here we believe in the love towards everything one creates to be the core of every establishment - whatever its influence and intentions. And while for us, devotion and nurture to that which we love are the essences of the Markovic Estate, we want our guests and visitors to feel at home as they move through the vineyard, drink our wine, stay at our carefully constructed rooms, or commemorate the precious moments in their lives.

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