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Our most recommended Bialystok Private tours

Bialystok Old Town Highlights Private Walking Tour

1. Bialystok Old Town Highlights Private Walking Tour

Discover the highlights of Bialystok with a very knowledgeable private guide on a walking tour of the historic city center. Bialystok is a totally charming town with a myriad interesting destinations. Uncover all the most beautiful corners of the city with a private group of just your friends or family.  On the two-hour tour, explore Kosciuszko’s Market Square and the beautiful Town Hall. Follow your guide to see many sacred buildings such as St. Roch's Basilica, Cathedral Church, and the Complex of the Arch-Cathedral, Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Discover the monument to the Great Synagogue, a symbol of Jewish Culture.  Too experience even more, select the three-hour tour and your guide will lead you to Griffin Gate, where you can explore the beautiful Branicki Palace, built in a Baroque style. The top destination in Bialystok, the palace complex is sure to delight with its amazing architecture and ornamentation. Wander around the breathtaking garden on the palace grounds and hear about the history of the royal family.

Bialystok Private Traditional Polish Food Tour

2. Bialystok Private Traditional Polish Food Tour

Sample authentic Polish delicacies on this private tasting tour in Bialystok. With your guide, visit carefully selected venues offering the very best of regional cuisine and learn about local history, culture, and traditions. There are three options for you to choose from when booking. On the 2.5-hour tour, you'll have a basic guided sightseeing walking tour with stops at 2 eateries. Sample different kinds of dumplings, taste Polish meats and other specialties, and enjoy a cake accompanied by a tea or coffee. On the 3.5-hour tour, taste traditional food at 3 venues, including dumplings, meat, and soup, as well as a beer, cake, and tea or coffee. Your guide will also show you some city highlights. Upgrade the experience entirely with the 5-hour option, which combines great food, 8 local vodka or beers, and sightseeing. Enjoy a stroll through the city and see some of Bialystok’s iconic landmarks, followed by a delicious feast. Highlights of the tour include Kosciuszko’s Market Square, the Archcathedral Basilica, and the impressive Great Griffin Gateway which leads to the charming Branicki Palace.

Bialystok Private Vodka Tasting Tour

3. Bialystok Private Vodka Tasting Tour

Embark on a party tour with a great combination of facts and hands-on vodka tasting. Drink both white and flavored vodkas, as well as legendary local liqueurs.  Play fun games to compare the flavors with your mates. Your guide will teach you how to drink vodka the Polish way and explain why it is referred to as the national drink. All the locations are carefully chosen based on their unique atmospheres, which reflect different periods in Polish culture and history. During the tour, taste appetizers perfectly matched to the spirits, including white vodka (potato, grain), flavored vodka (nuts, lemon), liqueur, and 70% absinthe.  Choose the 2-hour option to taste a set of five vodkas and appetizers at three different venues. If you are interested in more flavors, then opt for the 3-hour option, which includes seven special shots at four different venues, all paired with appetizers. For the best combination of Polish vodka and traditional cuisine in five venues, select the 4-hour option to enjoy 10 vodkas and ample servings of local food.

Bialystok Private Polish Beer Tasting Tour

4. Bialystok Private Polish Beer Tasting Tour

Sample some of Poland’s best regional and craft beers on this private tasting tour in Bialystok. With your local guide, visit a selection of popular Bialystok venues, taste different beers, and learn about Poland’s history, traditions, and customs. There are 3 options for you to choose from when booking. On the 2-hour tour, visit 3 different venues and taste 7 different beers. On the 3-hour tour, visit 4 venues, and taste 11 beers. And, on the 4-hour beer and food tour, visit 5 venues, including 2 traditional restaurants, to taste 13 beers and feast on more food than you can eat. All options include delicious Polish appetizers to accompany your beer, as well as fascinating information from your guide about each of the beers and their breweries. By the end of the tour, you’ll have a better appreciation and understanding of Polish beer and customs, and a full belly.

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