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Barcelona Interactive tours & incentive events

Our most recommended Barcelona Interactive tours & incentive events

Barcelona: Casa Batlló Entry with Self-Audioguide Tour

1. Barcelona: Casa Batlló Entry with Self-Audioguide Tour

Immerse yourself in the "Casa Batlló 10D Experience," which combines artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and machine learning. Delight in a unique experience of one of the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudí, an architecture and design legend. Journey into a Gaudinian universe of seemingly impossible volumetric projections, binaural sound, motion sensors, immersive spaces, tastes, and smells. Access Lord Batlló's Bedroom (if gold option selected). Enjoy two new immersive rooms: the Gaudí Dome (the first room with a dome featuring more than a thousand screens) and the Gaudí Cube (a six-sided LED cube unique in the world). Listen to a script available in 15 languages, as well as a soundtrack created exclusively by the composer Dani Howard and performed by the Berlin Symphony Orchestra. Among the novelties on offer, discover a new core of vertical communication designed by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, a floating ladder of 13 tons of polished marble suspended in the air, the first 6-sided indoor mapping on a patio of Gaudí's lights, and the new “Simbolic” store.

Barcelona: Flamenco Show at Palau Dalmases

2. Barcelona: Flamenco Show at Palau Dalmases

Discover the magic of Flamenco with this ticket to a show in a Baroque-style place in Barcelona. Be transported by a unique mixture of emotion-filled movement, lights, and music with this Andalusian artform. Enjoy access to the Palau Dalmases art gallery with your ticket.  Choose between one of three types of ticket located at different distances from the stage. Step into the Palau Dalmases El Born district and take in the exquisite details of the space like the mythological scenes depicted on the stair railing.  Choose between a traditional Flamenco show (6:45, 8:00 or 9:15 PM) or a special Flamenco and Opera show (5:30 PM) with a unique fusion of flamenco and opera.  Immerse yourself in a live performance from one singer, one guitar player and two dancers. Admire the colorful swoosh of the dancer's costumes and feel the emotion carried in their graceful movements. Marvel at how their motions become a part of this traditional artform.  Listen as skilled musicians and singers perform folkloric music in this unique acoustic space. After the show, top off your experience with a stroll through the onsite art gallery. 

Barcelona: Big Fun Museum & Museum of Illusions Ticket Combo

3. Barcelona: Big Fun Museum & Museum of Illusions Ticket Combo

Enjoy 7 museums and a time out zone in Barcelona with this attraction ticket to the Big Fun Museum. Enjoy themed rooms and immerse yourself in an exciting world full of fantasies. Trick your eyes with mind-bending illusions.  Experience the 3D paintings at the Museum of Illusions come alive. See illusions painted by the greatest artists in Barcelona. Capture pictures as you try to pet a dinosaur, lean on the Grand Cannon, and travel to amazing places.  Head to the Big Fun Museum's Records and Wonders room to find out about incredible facts and records worldwide. Uncover everything from Secrets and mysteries to odd traditions. Meet the tallest man in the world, ride the smallest car, and take a photo with Elvis Presley.  Change your perspective on the world with upside down and outsized obejects in the Topsy Turvy room and the Giant's House. Enter a world full of marshmallow, candies, donuts and cotton candy in the Sweet Museum.  Try to keep your sanity in the Museum of Madness. Discover several extreme psychiatric techniques applied throughout history. Enjoy a collection of art made with all kinds of food at Food Art.  Walk through the strange world of the mirrors created by Lewis Carroll in Alice Through the Looking Glass. Jump into a ball pit in the Dry Pool. 

IDEAL Barcelona: Dalí Cybernetic Exhibition Entry Ticket

4. IDEAL Barcelona: Dalí Cybernetic Exhibition Entry Ticket

See Salvador Dali's most famous works from a new perspective with an entry ticket to the Dali Cybernetic Exhibition held at the IDEAL Centre d'Arts Digitals in Barcelona. Marvel at large format projections, holograms, and more as you explore his surrealist universe. Embark on an immersive journey through the mind of the famous Spanish artist and gain insight into his way of thinking. Learn about Dali's open, ambitious, provocative, and scientific mindset as you wander through larger-than-life projections of his dreamlike paintings. The exhibition includes a metaverse room - a digital parallel universe - where you can interact with others. Embark on this virtual reality experience with total freedom of movement and spend fifteen minutes in Dalí's digital metaverse. Personalize your own digital avatar and stroll through a virtual space with others and see Dalí's most renowned works brought to life. Immerse yourself in an impossible journey through 4 of Dalí's environments par excellence: the sea, the sky, the desert, and the void. Complete your experience with a visit to the infinite room, an expansive hall in which the floor and all four walls have massive visual displays projected upon them.

Barcelona: Casa Batlló 'A Night 100 Years Ago' Experience

5. Barcelona: Casa Batlló 'A Night 100 Years Ago' Experience

Step into an immersive audio guide storytelling experience in one of Antonio Gaudi’s masterpiece architectural creations, the Casa Batlló, lit up for the holiday season. Be transported to a wintery night through stunning audiovisuals and dramatic theatrical scenery. “A Night 100 Years Ago” presents a fictional story of people who lived in the house. Meet Fermina, a woman who took care of the grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Batlló. Discover Gaudi’s world through this innovative and unique perspective. Explore the Gaudí Dome, a circular room in the shape of a dome with hundreds of screens for you to experience this new installation adapted to the experience. Discover the original Concierge Room. You can book the option that also includes the main hall of the Batlló family home.

Barcelona: Small-Group Parasailing Experience

6. Barcelona: Small-Group Parasailing Experience

See Barcelona from a different perspective on a 12-minute parasailing experience. Let the adrenaline course through your body as you fly 150 meters high above the sea, with 360-degree uninterrupted views. Meet your tour by the water, where you'll receive a briefing and will board your speedboat. Set off and feel the cool sea breeze blow over you as you whizz across the bay with views of Barcelona in the background. Then, kit up and sail in the sky to enjoy striking views from up above before safely landing back in your boat.

Barcelona: Artisan Ceramic Making Experience Workshop

7. Barcelona: Artisan Ceramic Making Experience Workshop

Learn ceramics techniques, learn about the materials involved in ceramics, and make your own vessel during this unique ceramics workshop in Barcelona. Work with a skilled ceramicist and take or mail home your finished vessel after the workshop. Start the workshop with instruction on important ceramics techniques before starting to work with the clay. Learn about the materials, tools, and techniques, before starting to create your own ceramic masterpiece. Put on your apron, and get working with your clay and tools to get your hands dirty. Create and personalize your own ceramic planter or cup. Experience an artisan ceramics workshop accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya. Discover the skills ceramicists use when sculpting by hand, and after you finish sculpting learn to add texture and decorations. Enjoy a ceramics workshop with no prior experience required. Choose from two options for ceramics to take home: wait a few weeks until the planter or cup is ready to pick up or mail to you, or if you can't wait or are leaving Barcelona, leave your ceramics and pick a finished one by Taller Gingell to take home.

Barcelona: Haunted Gothic Quarter Exploration Game

8. Barcelona: Haunted Gothic Quarter Exploration Game

You are invited to discover the haunted side of Barcelona with an interactive city exploration app. You will be guided with step-by-step instructions to cursed buildings where they carry out "eternal punishments" while you learn of their stories. Brace yourself and come explore the darker side of Barcelona, all with the help of your smartphone. Each clue will lead you from one place to another, providing you with exact directions so that you won’t need a map, GPS, or guide. When you solve problems correctly, the secret story of that place is unlocked. Along the way, you’ll find horror stories that are bound to give you the chills. You will be welcome to complete the tour at your own pace as there's no time limit, although around two hours is normally enough. You will be free to pause the game at any time, and restart whenever you want from the last place you visited. If you are a large group, one person can purchase access for the entire group by selecting the number of people in the group. All group members will be able to play the city game on their smartphone. Alternatively, each person can purchase their own ticket. You can play as a group and solve the clues together as you walk, or you can split into smaller groups/teams and compete against the others. Each person can also play on their own, separate from the group, and meet the group at the end.

Barcelona: Inflatable Crazy Sofa Ride

9. Barcelona: Inflatable Crazy Sofa Ride

In front of our coast, enjoy a fun and refreshing experience: Crazy Sofa adventure! Excitement, adrenaline and refreshing fun on board with your friends. Do you dare to this refreshing adventure?

Barcelona: Bansky Museum, Permanent Exhibition

10. Barcelona: Bansky Museum, Permanent Exhibition

Find out more about the elusive Banksy, who is believed to have been born in Bristol, England, around 1974, and who became famous for his provocative stenciled pieces in the late 1990s.  Explore the exhibition of his works from the United States, Paris, and the United Kingdom before ending at the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem. Get the chance to discover all of the main masterpieces that have made the world wonder. Take time yourself to pause and think over the message he intends to share. Delve deep into this immersive experience and share it with your friends and family.

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wonderful experience, and early start with not many people around. Able to get better photos while avoiding the crowds. also enjoyed the tablets and virtual experience. highly recommend this tour vs. casa mila if you want more aesthetic architecture

The amount of things to see and experience and level of quality put into structure are commendable. I would even go again! Perfect way to let your inner child out!

Very interesting and engaging. Well organized and original visit. The place is really worth it

Great experience with great materials and audio to give a real sense of place and history.

Casa Batllo was really interesting, audio guide is great with a lot of details.