Aspromonte National Park

Aspromonte National Park: Our most recommended tours and activities

Reggio Calabria: 3-Hour Walk and Forest Bath in Valle Scura

1. Reggio Calabria: 3-Hour Walk and Forest Bath in Valle Scura

The excursion consists of an experiential walk in Valle Scura: you will walk slowly and sensitively, along a simple path of about 1 square kilometer with small differences in height, immersed in a beech forest. Through the perceptive and sensory exploration of the natural elements you will come into close contact with nature. You will enter on tiptoe to be part of it through Landart techniques, practices of Geo Mindfullness, Geo Ecotuning, Shinrin-Yoku and Earhting. You will be transported by an inner peace and unparalleled stillness through contact with nature, led by the geologist guide at your disposal. The activity will continue with a barefoot walk in a leaf bath and you will test the energy inhugging a tree. You will experience the exciting forest and waterfall bath, away from the noise of the city. You will hear the voices of the natural elements and you will practice listening to what nature and art can say. An experience that, for all intents and purposes, will be a journey in search of inner peace and balance with the world around you.

Aspromonte National Park: Private Trek to the Maesano Falls

2. Aspromonte National Park: Private Trek to the Maesano Falls

You will meet the guide and with your personal transport you will go to the actual starting point, near the Menta Stream, where the guided trekking will start. The trekking, which includes a distance of about 4 km with a difference in altitude of 250 meters, will allow you to learn about the local fauna and appreciate rare specimens of amphibians such as the "SpectacledSalamander" and the "Spotted Salamander". Entering the woods you will also meet the southern black squirrel and listen to the sound of the green woodpecker. You will continue the trekking among beech trees, white firs and black pines; you will discover the history and the nature and you will know the myths and the legends of which the territory is rich. You will reach, then, the Maesano waterfalls, where you will have time to immortalize the three great jumps of water. You will then end the private trekking through a larch pine forest to reach the final destination, the panoramic point on the south side of Aspromonte and return to the initial meeting point.

Reggio Calabria: Aspromonte Trails Trek to Montalto Summit

3. Reggio Calabria: Aspromonte Trails Trek to Montalto Summit

You will start your private trekking, towards one of the most sought-after destinations by trekking lovers, meeting your guide on the Montalto-Polsi road about 12 km from the center of Gambarie. You will walk along one of the paths of the Aspromonte National Park, surrounded by immense forests and high altitude clearings. After a panoramic stop, the same path will take you back to the top of the Aspromonte National Park, the Montalto - at 1956 meters, where you will find and admire the statue of Christ the Redeemer and the nearby wind rose with a stone base. You will end the trekking, going back on the paths of Montalto and returning to the starting point.

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