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Antalya (Province)Dolphin & whale watching

Our most recommended Antalya (Province) Dolphin & whale watching

From Side: Full-Day Dolphin-Watching Boat Trip with Lunch

1. From Side: Full-Day Dolphin-Watching Boat Trip with Lunch

Embark on a fascinating full-day cruise traveling from the Manavgat River in Side to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Stay on the lookout for wild dolphins, admire panoramic views of the coastline, and listen as your guide shares interesting facts about the local marine life. Get picked up conveniently from your hotel and dropped off at the Side pier. Set sail along the Manavgat River before going out to the sea. Watch the river turtles lined up on the banks and pass the shipyards where all the wooden river boats are built. Stop where the river meets the sea to take a dip or a stroll on the beach. After your relaxing break, hop back on board and move on to some of the most scenic stretches along the shoreline as you taste a freshly-prepared lunch. Depending on tidal conditions, sail east or go to the ancient peninsula of Side, with another swimming break on the way. Allow your guide to point out dolphins and loggerhead sea turtles in their natural habitat. If the weather is favorable, your captain will take you further east for incredible views while you enjoy a foam party. Alternatively, go in the direction of Alanya and stop at a small, remote island for a walk before returning to Side.

Side: Dolphin Island Boat Tour with Lunch

2. Side: Dolphin Island Boat Tour with Lunch

Enjoy a full-day sailing cruise with this tour from Side. Swim around Karaburun Baym, the Manavgat Bosphorus, and at Dolphin Island. Party with foam and savor a fresh-cooked meal as you sail along the water.  Be collected from your hotel by airconditioned bus and transfer to the sailboat where staff will greet you and ask you which lunch option you would prefer, Depart along the Manavgat River and listen as your guide provides you with facinating commentary.  Listen as a live DJ starts to play and stop for the first swim break. Head to Manavgat Bosphorus, which has the sea on one side and the river on the other. Here, you can rent a Jet-Ski or taste a Gözleme (traditional Turkish food). Be served by the crew a fresh-grilled lunch of chicken or fish which is served with salad and a rice. After enjoying lunch on board, cruise to Dolphin Island. Stop for a second swim break. Start the foam party on the boat.  Continue towards a third swim break spot, near Karaburun Bay. Keep an eye out for dolphins along the way. Return to your accommodation at the end of your experience. 

Alanya: Boat Tour with Sunbathing, Swimming & Snorkelling

3. Alanya: Boat Tour with Sunbathing, Swimming & Snorkelling

The Alanya Boat (Yacht) Tour is undeniably the best and most popular way to explore the stunning coastline of Alanya. Our boat departs at approximately 10:00 a.m. from Alanya's harbor, conveniently located near the iconic Red Tower and shipyard. During the tour, we will venture to the enchanting sea caves situated around the Alanya castle, including the famous Pirates Cave, Lovers Cave, Phosphorous Cave, and Devil's Cave. Depending on weather conditions, you'll have the opportunity to swim around these captivating caves and marvel at their natural beauty. Continuing our journey, we'll pass by the renowned Cleopatra's Beach, offering a glimpse of its sandy, clean, and tranquil shores. Our next stop is the picturesque Ulas Beach, situated approximately 7 km from the city center, where you can enjoy a refreshing break in this serene environment. Throughout the Alanya boat tour, our lively animation team and music will create a fun and entertaining atmosphere. You'll have 3-4 opportunities to indulge in swimming breaks, allowing you to cool off and revel in the crystal-clear waters. The boat tour concludes at around 3:00 p.m. when we return to the harbor. Our boats boast exceptional cleanliness and are equipped with bathrooms, changing rooms for both ladies and men. Additionally, we have a powerful music system to keep the lively ambiance alive. Alanya Boat Tour is suitable for all ages. We would like everyone who wants to have fun at sea, listen to music and have a foam party to participate. Itinerary: Pick-up from hotels in Alanya and surrounding areas. Departure from Alanya Harbor at approximately 10:00am. Enjoy watching the Alanya old shipyard and the Red Tower from the boat. Take a refreshing swimming break near the shipyard. Admire the Pirates Cave and Lovers Cave from the boat. Have a swim break near the stunning Phosphorus Cave. Enjoy a swim break at the beautiful Cleopatra Beach. Savor a delicious lunch on the boat. Take another swim break at the picturesque Ulas Beach. Experience a swim break at the intriguing Devil Cave. If it's our lucky day, we might get a chance to watch dolphins in their natural habitat. Return to Alanya harbor from the open waters. Drop-off at hotels in Alanya approximately 3:30 p.m. Additional Information: Kindly be aware that the program is subject to alterations due to sea conditions, and certain stopping points might be omitted for safety reasons. This tour does not specifically offer a dedicated snorkelling activity. However, participants have the opportunity to snorkel during the designated swim breaks if they choose to bring their own snorkelling equipment. During our trip, we'll pass by the Pirates, Lovers, and Phosphorus Caves, allowing you to witness and appreciate their beauty. However, it's important to note that these caves cannot be accessed by boat. Pirates Boat for an adventurous and interactive atmosphere, designed to provide you with a day of endless fun, dance, music, and a truly themed experience. This tour is designed for individuals to indulge in swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying themselves amidst the captivating bays and scenic coastline of Alanya. Please be informed that this tour does not encompass cultural and traditional guidance

From Side/Alanya: Sealanya Dolphin Show with Hotel Transfers

4. From Side/Alanya: Sealanya Dolphin Show with Hotel Transfers

Treat the family to a memorable day out with a dolphin show at Sealanya Dolphin Park, one of the largest in all of Turkey. Enjoy hotel pickup and drop-off from Side or Alanya and watch these playful creatures display their skills in a choreographed show accompanied by dolphin coaches. Meet a large family of dolphins that are the main protagonists of the Dolphinarium at Sealanya Dolphin Park. Watch them perform acrobatics, dances, and dizzying jumps to the tune of music, a dynamic and harmonious performance that will amaze young and old. Experience how friendly and intelligent these sea creatures are as they play water polo. If you want to get closer to them after the performance, you can get your photo taken with one of the dolphins by the pool to immortalize this experience.

Side Blue Lagoon Boat Trip with Swimming and Sunbathing

5. Side Blue Lagoon Boat Trip with Swimming and Sunbathing

Join us for a thrilling and fun-filled journey on the mesmerizing blue sea as we embark on the Side Boat Tour. Get ready to greet the enchanting sea creatures while exploring the most remarkable beaches of the Mediterranean. This unforgettable tour promises a unique experience along the serene coast of Side, with its tranquil waters, azure blue sea, and captivating marine life. Nature enthusiasts visiting Side will find this boat tour a must-do activity, perfect for discovering the beauty of the sea. After pick you up from your hotel in Side take you to the enchanting Side Harbor, where our high-quality boats await. As we set sail, you'll be treated to spectacular views of Side, and the boat tour will commence, allowing you to revel in the beauty of the sea. A delightful lunch will be served onboard, ensuring you have a fulfilling experience throughout the journey. The tour includes visits to historical and natural sights such as the Side Coast and the Temple of Apollo, adding a touch of culture to your sea adventure. During the breaks, you'll have the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the Manavgat River beach, where the waters merge both fresh and saltwater, providing a unique swimming experience. We'll also stop at Caretta-Caretta Turtles Bay, where you can witness these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat. The tour is filled with lively animations to keep you entertained, and we'll even have a fun foam party on the boat, complete with great music, adding to the excitement. Capture the beauty of the sights you encounter during the tour by taking photographs, ensuring you have lasting memories of this incredible experience. To ensure your spot on this adventure, make an early reservation by contacting us and get ready to explore the natural wonders of Side and its surroundings on the Side Boat Tour. * Pick- up from hotels in Side apx 09:00am * Arrival at the Side Harbor * Leaving from Side harbor by boat apx 10:00am * Driving around the coastline of side * Swimming break in the Manavgat river beach where you can swim both fresh and salt waters. * Break at Caretta-Caretta Turtles Bay * Lunchtime * Animations * Watching the ancient harbor of side and the Temple of Apollo by sailing * Swimming break close to Side harbor * Arrival at Side harbor & Return transfer to hotels * Changing cabins, restrooms, WC, are available on our yacht. * You will have 3-4 times swimming breaks. If you want to swim, Take your swimming suits, sun cream, and a towel with you. * In a case of seasickness, the guests are recommended to purvey relevant medicine during the tour. Kindly be aware that the program is subject to alterations due to sea conditions, and certain stopping points might be omitted for safety reasons.

Alanya Dolphin Show Tour - Sealanya Dolphinpark

6. Alanya Dolphin Show Tour - Sealanya Dolphinpark

Our tour of Alanya dolphin show is a favorite of many of our guests, especially families with children. In the show, which takes about 1 hour, you watch vested seaweed (otaria) and bottlenose dolphins (afalina). The show starts with the sea. Their dance and sound performances are exhibited. The seal show takes an average of 15 minutes. Then the show continues with dolphin shows. The show continues with dolphins’ dual and multiple water dances, pool games, water polo and hulahop performances. Alanya dolphin show tribune is C-shaped. There is no seat number in the tribune. You can sit anywhere. The show can be seen from every point. It is also free to take photos and videos from the tribune. Photographs are taken by the pool at the end of the show.

Side: Side Sea Boat Tour with Swim Stops & Foam Party

7. Side: Side Sea Boat Tour with Swim Stops & Foam Party

For the boat tour, we pick up our guests from their hotels with our comfortable buses between 08:30 and 09:30 from the side area. After all our guests are picked up from their hotels, our bus brings you to our pier by the Manavgat river. Along the way you will enjoy the beautiful view of the forest until you reach our dock. About half an hour after being picked up from your hotel, our bus arrives at the Pier. Our boat has 3 floors. On the first floor, we have a bar where you can get your drinks, comfortable seating groups and 10 showers at the back of the boat. On the second floor we have another bar, comfortable seating, a dance floor where you can enjoy the dance and foam party. On the third floor, we have a sun terrace where you can enjoy sunbathing. All our guests will reach the boat within 20 minutes after getting on the boat and our tour will begin. After our tour starts, we will go to the Manavgat strait, where the river meets the sea. When we come to the Bosphorus, we will moor our boat to our pier and take our first swimming break. The name of the place where we stopped for a swimming break is Cennet Play. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing or taking a jetski (jetski extra) during our one-hour swimming break. While you enjoy swimming on the beach, our kitchen team will grill trout and chicken for lunch and prepare the buffet. When you return to the boat, you can have your lunch from the buffet. After leaving the Bosphorus, we will arrive at the historical side peninsula in 45 minutes. On the way to the historical side peninsula, we will have the chance to see dolphins and caretta caretta sea turtles. Then we will continue on our way to the historical peninsula. When we arrive in front of the historical peninsula, we will stop for our second swimming break. Our second swimming break will be 45 minutes in front of the historical peninsula in front of the magnificent view of the temples of Apollo and Athena. During the second swimming break, you can jump from the boat into the sea or swim in the sea using the 10 swimming ladders behind our boat or enjoy the view of the ancient city of Side. After the second swimming moia, we will start the return journey to oogaz. Our return to the Bosphorus takes about 45 minutes. On the way back, there will be a dance and foam party on the second floor. This is a party that guests of all ages from 7 to 70 will love and enjoy. You can enjoy the foam party and animations on the second floor of the boat. We will have our third swimming break when we return to the mouth of the river. Our third break takes about 20 minutes. After the third swimming break, we will return to our pier. From there, we will drop off our guests to their hotels with our comfortable buses. All our guests will arrive at their hotels between 17:00 and 17:30.

From Side: Full-Day Dolphins Island Boat Trip with Transfer

8. From Side: Full-Day Dolphins Island Boat Trip with Transfer

Do not miss such a nice and a wonderful day with such an affordable price! We look forward to seeing you on board the boat.. Enjoy a wonderful relaxing cruise from Manavgat river to Dolphins Island for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkelling. If you’re lucky enough, the dolphins might pay you a visit and make this tour even more memorable! The area of Side is famous for its beautiful and relaxing atmosphere and this full-day cruise will allow you to explore the dolphins Island bay at your leisure. Watch the dolphins play and jump by your boat’s wake as you relax on the deck. 2 hours After departing from Manavgat river, you will be taken to the Bay of Dolphins Island where you can take a dip in the beautiful clean water and even snorkel if you like. Lunch will be served here while you enjoy a relaxing day sunbathing and swimming at your leisure. For snorkeling please bring your own snorkeling equipments. One of the most enjoyable daily tours in Side surely not to be missed! On this tour you will find a combination of sunbathing and swimming. On the way you can admire the magnificent coastal landscape of Side. The tour is suitable for families with children or for children alike. Not guaranteed but according to the experiences of many years the dolphins are shown up at the sea almost at every tour.

From Side: Dolphin Watching Boat Tour with Lunch

9. From Side: Dolphin Watching Boat Tour with Lunch

Join an enchanting full-day boat cruise from the tranquil Manavgat River to the enchanting turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Prepare for a fascinating journey filled with extraordinary encounters, breathtaking coastal scenery and fascinating insights into the local marine ecosystem. Comfort is very important as you are effortlessly picked up from your hotel and taken to the Side Pier, where your adventure begins. As you sail along the scenic Manavgat River, take a moment to observe the graceful river turtles basking on the riverbanks and admire the shipyards where intricate wooden riverboats are meticulously crafted. Experience the seamless transition as the river merges with the sea, creating the perfect opportunity for a refreshing dip or a leisurely stroll along the picturesque beach. After your refreshing break, rejoin your boat and set off to witness the most breathtaking coastline while enjoying a freshly prepared lunch to please your palate. Depending on the tides, your journey will continue eastward or take you to the ancient peninsula of Side, providing another opportunity to dive into the inviting waters during a well-deserved swimming break. Let your knowledgeable guide show you the magnificent dolphins and majestic sea turtles that gracefully inhabit their natural habitat. Weather permitting, your skilled captain will sail further east, giving you unrivalled views of the enchanting surroundings as you enjoy a lively foam party on board. Alternatively, you can take a cruise to Alanya, a quiet stop waiting for you on a secluded island, before returning to Side, full of unforgettable memories of your extraordinary sea voyage.

Antalya : Private Yacht Rental with Captain/Meal included

10. Antalya : Private Yacht Rental with Captain/Meal included

Our Company TUNAVY YACHTING has various of Yachts with different capacities. According to the number of people we will arrange the suitable one for your party.All the yachts are new and well equipped.The features of the yachts, meal programme and the routes are as follows: TUNAVY I Length: 14,5 mt Width : 4,5 mt Capacity : 12 pax TUNAVY II Length: 20 mt Width : 5 mt Capacity : 25 pax TUNAVY III Length: 16 mt Width : 4,5 mt Capacity : 12 pax ASSOL Length: 14,6 mt Width : 4,5 mt Capacity : 12 pax MY DOGA Length: 16 mt Width : 4 mt Capacity : 12 pax BRIZ Length: 13 mt Width : 4,5 mt Capacity : 12 pax The routes : 1st: Departure from Kemer Marina Phaselis Bay ( Swimming and Lunch ) Paradise Bay ( Swimming ) Kiriş Bay ( Swimming ) Moonlight Bay ( Swimming ) Kemer Marina 2nd : Cleopatra Bay ( Swimming and Lunch ) Phaselis ( Swimming ) Paradise Bay ( Swimming ) Kemer Marina SUNSET : Paradise Bay ( Swimming and Dinner ) Moonlight Bay (Swimming) Kemer Marina We offer you and you loved ones a life time memorable day on the most beautiful bays of Antalya with our well designed yachts and well trained staff. On the day you would like to book the yacht, we will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to Kemer Marina where your yacht is awaiting.Then we start sailing while you are enjoying the sun,tasteful food and your drinks.Then we will be giving you spare times on the most beautiful bays of Kemer where you can enjoy the sea.In the Meanwhile we will be serving your drinks and fruits along the road.When the day finishes we will come back to Kemer Marina where your car is awaiting for you to drop you off to your hotel. You may choose the time from the availability calendar and route plans , not exceeding 6 hours though.Lunch/Dinner is included depending on the time period you choose. Our tours start from Kemer Marina at 09.00 every day and last until 15.00.And Sunset Tour starts at 15.30 till 21.00. In order to join the Private Yacht Tour, it is important to make a reservation by calling us. You can reach Kemer with your own car or with our free services. If you are coming with your own vehicle, you will be informed of the meeting point and time in Kemer according to your reservation. Our staff will be greeting you at the meeting point and will be helping you park your vcar to the free parking lot and will accompany you to the boat. If you intend to join our tour with our vehicles, you will be picked up from your location at the time you are notified. Included in the tour price - Pick up and Drop off Services - Insurance - Lunch/Dinner - Soft Drinks Not included Alcoholic Beverages however you can bring your own drinks as well as we can obtain for you. Kemer Private Yacht Tour At the time of booking, please contact us for pick up locations.It is very important to provide us your valid WhatsApp number or contact details in case of any update occurs. After the reservation please contact us via e-mail for further details.

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A "really great day"! So the conclusion of our sons 10 & 15. We were just amazed! Picking up at the hotel went smoothly. In the afternoon of the day before we received information at what time we would be picked up at the hotel locker and how we would recognize the bus. He was there on time and took us to the ship in 40 minutes (other hotels were also approached). Here we were able to decide whether we wanted chicken or fish for lunch. We made 4 swimming stops. At 3 you could jump off the ship EVERYWHERE. The music was always great and yet a bit "German-heavy". The foam party at the end was awesome! The music, the animation... just great! Raki was €5, beer €3, soft drinks €1.50 and water €1. Gözleme was available for €2 each. Pringles chips cost €3 (the large can). We would book it again next year if we came back! Just great!!!!

Fab trip that was incredible value for money. Sadly we didn’t see any dolphins as towards the end of the season and just saw the beak of a turtle pop up briefly, but we had a delicious lunch and a great time with the foam party. Loved the pirate ship and having photos with the parrot. Very friendly crew picked us up directly from our hotel. Plenty of swimming and snorkelling stops too. Thank you :)

Transfer worked great, employees on the boat tried very hard and were funny. Just a great day. Recommended. We saw turtles. Unfortunately, 2 dolphins dived too quickly so that we didn't see them. But the organizer can't do anything about that.

Well planned program, nice staff, good food. Overall very nice and recommended!

Super nice, we can only recommend it and would do it again and again ☺️