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Addis Ababa: Guided City Tour

1. Addis Ababa: Guided City Tour

Get picked up from your hotel in Addis Ababa or at the Arrivals Hall of Bole International Airport where you will meet your English-speaking guide. After a quick refreshment, embark on your guided sightseeing city tour of Addis Ababa. First, drive up to Mount Entoto for spectacular panoramic views over the city. Descend by way of the National Museum where you will have the chance to observe the fossil of 'Lucy' - the oldest ancestor of humans.  Then, visit the remarkable Ethiopian Orthodox ancient churches of the Holy Trinity which were built during World War II. Proceed to Ethnographic Museum, which was the former palace of Emperor Hailie Selassie.  After lunch, see the tombs of Emperor Hailie Selassie and admire the amazing paintings and church frescoes. Finally, end the tour with a stroll through the spectacular open-air markets - the biggest in East Africa. In the evening, transfer back to your hotel or the airport in time for your departure.

Addis Ababa: Debre Libanos, Blue Nile Gorge, and Cave Tour

2. Addis Ababa: Debre Libanos, Blue Nile Gorge, and Cave Tour

Visit the impressive Debre Libanos Monastery, the famed Portuguese Bridge, the spectacular Blue Nile Gorge, and the haunting Saint Teklehaimanot Cave Church in just one day with an English-speaking guide. Marvel at breathtaking mountain landscapes and endemic wildlife, like bleeding-heart gelada baboons. After pickup at your hotel or at the airport in Addis Ababa, drive 100 kilometers (68 miles) to the north and pass over undulating mountain ranges that shelter the famous bleeding-heart baboons, as well as various endemic birds. Arrive at Debre Libanos, a monastery complex founded by Ethiopian Saint Abune Tekle Haymanot in 1284 that sits on a terrace between a cliff and the gorge of one of the tributaries to the Blue Nile River (Jamma River). Then, experience the breathtaking views of the Blue Nile Gorge, often compared with Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Admire the Portuguese Bridge, built by Ras Darge in the 1890s in a classic Portuguese style. Enjoy the scenic views, interact with the Oromo people, and trek to the Saint Teklehaimanot Cave Church where around 300 monks were slaughtered in 1936 by Italian invaders. On the way back to Addis Ababa, make a stop at the Entoto Mountain for panoramic views of Addis Ababa from 3,300 meters (10,827 feet) above sea level. The tour concludes with drop-off at the airport or your hotel

Discover Addis Ababa within a day

3. Discover Addis Ababa within a day

Explore the New Flower ( Addis Ababa) in your free time. This tour brings you into the most seeing places of Addis Ababa including the National Museum of Ethiopia, Entoto Mountain with amazing views, and the massive open-air market Mercato. This tour will allow you to experience Ethiopian national and traditional cuisine and some fresh seasonal juice. This is a tour designed to bring you into depth roots of Ethiopian culture and history in an interesting way. You will learn a lot about Ethiopian history and culture from the history-telling guides. It is a stress-free and easy way to experience every most amazing side of Addis Ababa. On this tour, you will begin exploring the city with the National Museum of Ethiopia home of the famous Lucy, the oldest human fossil ever discovered in the world. The museum has different collections including the fossil, artifacts, and ethnography collections. After having explored the Museum drive to the top view of Addis Ababa, and here you observe amazing views of Addis Ababa. You will have a shore walk at Entoto Park. Entot is the highest peak overlooking the city, the headquarter of Africa, and is part of Mount Entoto. The exploration will continue to the Pisa Saint George church, it is an orthodox church built by Menilik II. It is noted for its octagonal shape. You will experience the Ethiopian Orthodox churches and you will observe the most notable modern Ethiopian paintings inside the church. afterward continue to Merkato, on the way to Mercato you will see the Anwar Mosque. You will have an amazing walk through the massive Mercato Market. You will experience the melting pot where vendors and consumers alike shoved and jostled, yelling and barking trading calls. local flavor. After the visit to the market, you will explore some other important buildings and monuments of Addis Ababa. You will observe the Tiglachin Monument, the old train station, and the African headquarter building.

Best of Addis Ababa

4. Best of Addis Ababa

Gain fascinating insights from Addis Ababa (New Flower). Experience several landmarks, old buildings, statues, lion figures and explanatory museums, and learn about some of the Museum collections . This tour also includes hiking on Entoto hills, Meracto - largest open-air market in Africa, explore the secrets with purchase experts. coffee stop at the best coffee shop in Addis Ababa. At the end, guests are free to enjoy some the traditional night life. • Experience the historical side of Addis Ababa including its museum, church, and historical buildings • Start the day with National Museum of Ethiopia • Visit Lucy, the oldest human fossil • Drive to the top of Entoto Mountains to see amazing views of Addis Ababa • Walk to the massive open-air Mercato • Visit the St. Holy Gorge church

Guided: Addis Ababa City Tour

5. Guided: Addis Ababa City Tour

The vibrant capital city, Addis Ababa is the country’s political, economic, and cultural center. Home to many nationalities, it has a multitude of distinct religious and linguistic groups, and the city is full of rich culture and interesting history. The city boasts several interesting Orthodox cathedrals, mosques, historical monuments, museums, and local markets. This city tour includes the following sites; National Museum This is Ethiopia’s primary Museum and houses the nation’s artistic treasures. This is one of the best museums in the diversity of the exhibits and your visit will give you a glimpse of Ethiopia. The museum has four main exhibition sections and the most famous exhibit is the Paleontological showcase where you can see the 3.5 million-year-old fossil of Lucy, ‘ Dinkinesh’ in Amharic meaning ‘wonderful’, a hominoid woman of the specious of Australopithecus Afarensis. Holy Trinity Cathedral One of the major churches in Ethiopia and the resting place of the Legendary Emperor Haile Selassie, the last king of Ethiopia. This massive and ornate cathedral, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, was built by Emperor Haile Selassie l in 1944. It is one of the architecturally decorated, spacious, and well-designed churches in Ethiopia. Mount Entoto; hort drive to the north of the capital and take in the panoramic view of Addis Ababa from Mount Entoto, the highest peak in the city. Mount Entoto; Short drive to the north of the capital and take in the panoramic view of Addis Ababa from Mount Entoto, the highest peak in the city. the Piazza (Old Town) It is an old part of Addis Ababa. Here you will have a short walk to see Old Italian, buildings, other historical Houses, Jewelry Houses, cafe and also masses of people transiting to different parts of the city. It is a good highlight of Addis Ababa’s way of life. You can also see the famous Taitu Hotel, the first modern hotel in Ethiopia and still in use. Merkato The largest open-air market in Africa. If you’re a market lover, this is the place that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Addis Ababa. The market is arranged into separate areas for different items. It is one of those markets, that if you know where you look, you’ll find anything you want from electronics to clothes, heavy industrial steel girders to tires, and all that goes in-between can be found. And other important monuments and buildings that are all worth visiting. You will also have a coffee in one of the best coffee shopes.

Addis Ababa in a day

6. Addis Ababa in a day

This tour allows you to enjoy some of the hidden gems in Addis Ababa combined with the famous landmarks and attractions like, national museum where the oldest human, Lucy is exhibited, Entoto Mountain park, for spectacular view of the city, Merkato - the busiest open-air market in Africa, St. George cathedrals where King Hailesilase I was crowned, and some coffee tasting at the oldest coffee shop, Tomocca, sightseeing of squares like Churchill Avenue, Lion of Judah monument, Tiglachin - the socialist monument, the old train station , Legehar. At the end of the day, you will feel like you have made the best out of your time. You can also improvise it based on your time and interest. You will never regret choosing to visit this vibrant city.

Lalibela: Full-Day Guided Tour

7. Lalibela: Full-Day Guided Tour

Explore Lalibela city boasts 11 rock-hewn churches carved in the 12th century The city is dubbed the ‘New Jerusalem’ and one of the holiest towns in Ethiopia. Lalibela is accessible both by air and by car. Once in the city of Lalibela, you will start your guided tour with the north-western cluster of churches including Bete Medhane Alem, Bete Maryam, Bete Meskel, Bete Danaghel, Bete Mikael, and Bete Golgotha. This part of the visit takes about half a day. The architectural beauty of the churches will surely blow you away, and you will get a sense of why Lalibela is called ‘The Eight Wonder of the World’. After lunch, you will have the rest of your visit and walk through the south-eastern cluster of churches: Bete Gabriel-Rafael, Bete Merkorios, Bete Amanuel, and Bete Abba Libanos. Your visit will end with the most beautiful of the churches: Bete Giyorgis church which is carved in the shape of a cross and is branded as the face of the whole of Lalibela.

Lalibela: Churches Full-Day Private Tour w/Coffee Ceremony

8. Lalibela: Churches Full-Day Private Tour w/Coffee Ceremony

See the complex architecture and unusual features of Lalibela's incredible churches on a full-day guided tour. Marvel at important churches, including Bet Abba Libanos and Bet Giyorgis. Immerse yourself in local tradition with a coffee ceremony and an afternoon of live music. After pickup, begin your guided tour in the northwestern cluster of churches. Visit Bet Medhane Alem, Bet Maryam, Bet Meskel, Bet Danaghel, Bet Mikael, and Bet Golgotha (entry not permitted for women). Admire the distinct architectural features and rock cuttings. Stop for lunch at a local restaurant at noon. After, continue to the south-eastern cluster of churches. See Bet Gabriel-Rufael, Bet Merkorios, Bet Amanual, and Bet Abba Libanos. Finally, arrive at the famous Bet Giyorgis, constructed in honor of the patron saint –Saint George. Finally, make your way to a family home for a traditional coffee ceremony and learn more about local life and culture. In the evening, watch traditional Amhara tribal music and dance. At the end of your trip, enjoy a return transfer to your chosen point in Lalibela.

Addis Ababa: Monasteries, Wildlife, & Hike Private Day Trip

9. Addis Ababa: Monasteries, Wildlife, & Hike Private Day Trip

We will pick you from Addis Ababa Bole Int airport or any hotel in Addis Ababa or houses then drive to north Ethiopia passing through the wonderful chain mountains and densely tree forest of Mount Entoto then after a two hours driving we will be arriving at one of the respected monastery of Ethiopia Debre Libanos is a monastery in Ethiopia which is lying northwest of Addis Ababa and it was Founded in the 13th century by Saint Tekle Haymanot and visit the museums that have a lot of ancient bible books collection with religious crosses later take a visit internal parts of the church with the tombs of the founder of the monastery then we will have a 10 min hiking to the cave(served like a praying area for the founder of the monastery ST Tekle Haymanot) finally take a walk and a hiking to the portugse bridge lying at the Blue Nile George to see the wonderful landscapes and Ethiopian endemic baboons which is called the Chelada Baboon and have a chance of seeing Ethiopian Birds. In the evening be transferred to the airport for your departure.

From Bole: Tiya, Adadi Mariam, & Melka Kunture Private Trip

10. From Bole: Tiya, Adadi Mariam, & Melka Kunture Private Trip

This private day tour from Addis Ababa takes you through the scenic East African Rift Valley part of Ethiopia to the unique rock carved church of Adadi Mariam, ancient grave site of Tiya (UNESCO World Heritage), and experience the daily life of locals with family visit. Appreciate interesting places and activities such as the unique still operational church of Adadi Mariam which is cut out of a single piece of rock in the 13th Century AD, an ancient cemetery of Tiya, and a traditional village of the Oromo people. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Ethiopian part of the Great East African Rift Valley and learn also how to cook Enjera, an Ethiopian pancake. This is a Tour limited to a maximum of 6 people. This is 9-hour long tour with Later you will be transferred to the airport for your departure.

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I only had a 16 hour layover in Ethiopia and this was the best way to spend my day. My guide and driver were absolutely amazing, always trying to make sure that I was getting the most of the experience. They explained so much of Ethiopia's culture and history to me. It felt like I was there for more than just a day. They really helped me with not getting bad deals from locals who wanted to charge more to foreigners. I wish I would have called them as soon as I arrived from the airport instead just taking a taxi outside of the airport because they definitely charged me way too much. At the end of the day this tour helped me to just relish in the moment and enjoy some of the best parts of Addis Ababa!

A top guide, and a top trip. Not just because of the beautiful monastery and the fabulous scenery but the road journey there took you through what appears to be the real Ethiopia - farmers, rural communities, towns cut off from each other and a feeling you were passing through daily lives that millions here experience. The baboons weren't playing ball and watched us from a distance but the birdlife is lovely. Credit to our guide for making it such a great day out.

Excellent Team. Joseph, the guide with a big knowledge about the sightseeing and he spoke fluent English. Nico a safe, friendly and funny driver. Felt very comfortable with them. Thanks so much for this great time!

It was an amazing tour! Congratulations Yihun and Gemechu for building such a great experience for us. If you are traveling to Addis, please do not hesitate in going with them!! cheers

Excellent tour! Our guide was very knowledgeable, polite and professional. It was a very nice day. Hoping to get back to Ethiopia and travel around the country.